How to increase your number of followers on Instagram?

How to increase your number of followers on Instagram?

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April 8, 2022
Last modified on January 17th, 2023


Find your niche and your specialty

We are not going to lie to each other. Unless you have done a successful reality show and already have hundreds of thousands of fans like Nabila or Caroline Recover, it will be difficult to gain subscribers and therefore success by simply taking selfies in front of the mirror. You’re going to need a real niche, something more than the rest. Do you have a specialty? A passion? A particularity? Fantastic! This will help you find your audience because you will need real added value.

Take young @Josephine wit as an example Hof is particularity? She is a young French girl living in Mexico, with a Mexican companion. She speaks Spanish with a delicious French accent that Latin Americans love and shares her everyday life as a Frenchwoman in a new country. Success is there, she has more than 110K subscribers on her Instagram account and more than 400K subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Quality content with high added value

To increase your number of subscribers you will have to be regular in your content. That’s why Influence4You strongly recommends that you make your Instagram account according to your specialty or passion. If you don’t like cars, it will be very complicated to post mechanical tests at least twice a week! Because consistency is key. You will need to post at least 2 content per week, original and with inspiring text:

  • Your photos must be original and must not come from an image bank, for example. Ideally, your photo should allow internet users to connect with you. If they’ve never seen the photo you post, they’re bound to be more likely to be surprised and like it.
  • Accompany your photo with inspirational text, with a clear call to action to leave a comment. Feel free to post an open question, share your opinion and ask for your community’s opinion.
  • This will generate conversation and therefore engagement. About the discussion in the comments, some social media specialists recommend posting “controversial” content 1-2 times a month.
  • What is that? It is about taking a position on an issue relating to your niche, which is a subject of debate. You can then share your location and call for discussion in the comments.

Engagement is the key to Instagram’s algorithm. The more likes and comments you have on your posts, the more you will be highlighted on the social network and especially when Internet users are looking for hashtags.

Use safe follower booster bots

There are safe bots that act like a human. For example, these bots follow your desired contacts, like their posts and leave comments for them so that the attention of these contacts is drawn to your page, they visit your page and follow you if they wish. These activities increase the engagement rate of your page and make you experience significant growth in a short period of time, especially if you have just launched your page. In this case, advertising and other methods will not help you much because you still do not have many followers and your content will not be easily noticed by others and will not be discovered. In such cases, the bot can help you by performing automatic interactive activities so that your page can be seen and reach an acceptable level of growth. Therefore, we recommend that if you have less than 10k followers, you should definitely use safe Instagram bots like the vUser Instagram Bot.

For more information or to check this tool, you can search its name on Google and read about it on the v-User website.

Make collaborations

If you have an account with still few subscribers, it would be very relevant to collaborate with influencers, with the same target audience, to benefit from their audience.

  • Choose your collaborators:

The ideal is to choose collaborators who will be within a range of 50% of subscribers (more or less) compared to yours. If you have 800 subscribers, the target collaborator will therefore be between 400 and 1200 subscribers. Targeting an influencer with fewer followers than you will get you some rejections but will still be useful. If after the collaboration you even manage to gain 10% of the collaborator’s audience at 1200 subscribers, that will make you 120 more subscribers or 15% of your total audience, not negligible, right??

  • Choose themes:

Let’s imagine that you are a beauty influencer and that you are used to doing beauty tutorials, product tests, etc. What would be the themes in the broad sense that could interest your audience? Aesthetic medicine, facials, the natural approach to beauty, maybe even facial yoga? The idea is to interest your audience with the approach of another expert and to try to convert the latter’s audience to your content.

  • Contact potential collaborators:

They absolutely must not be your competitors but “complementary” people to your activity. The idea is that they have the same target audience. Let’s take the example of the beauty influence again. Collaborating with a specialist in aesthetic medicine, for example, who would talk about Botox or other professional treatments, might allow you to gain subscribers who are interested in this subject, and in beauty in general, and who will therefore want to follow your beauty tutorials and your product tests!

Types of collaboration

There are multiple possible collaborations, you can share the story of an influencer you have chosen, and he can do the same with you. You can also mention it in a story and vice versa. The ideal is the “physical” collaboration, that is to say, a post like a photo together or a life in the form of an interview. But this is not always possible in terms of organization. In any case, you should know that the possibilities are numerous and that you can easily canvass other influencers. This will also allow you to chat with other Instagrammers and discuss your techniques and issues. It’s a winner.

Work with quality hashtags

To increase your visibility and therefore your number of subscribers, you will need to use relevant and quality hashtags. Because don’t forget that when Internet users search on Instagram, it’s often through hashtags that they discover new content. Your hashtags should preferably be in French of course if you are targeting a local market and you can use tools dedicated to hashtag generation. Among them, hashtagify. It allows you to generate many tags related to yours. You can choose to write your hashtags under your post directly or in the comments, the two schools are equal in terms of visibility.

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

The answer is NO. Some tutorials or guides found online will recommend you do this, but Influence4You strongly advises against it. Why? Because what counts mainly to be successful on Instagram and to obtain collaborations with interesting brands is commitment! So yes, buying followers by the thousands is going to get your count up very quickly, but those people are robot accounts, otherwise known as ‘bots’, who are never going to engage with your posts. Having 1,000 subscribers but 4 likes will do you no good and will, on the contrary, arouse suspicion about your activity. There are some sites like totimes, but I prefer not to buy.

Your credibility will then be seriously endangered and it will then be difficult for you to move forward on the social network.

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