Why Use Custom Printed Shipping Boxes for your Online Store?

Why Use Custom Printed Shipping Boxes for your Online Store?

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February 28, 2022

If customers are offered the same product by hundreds of brands in the market, why they must buy from you? The answer is simple, quality products and quality packaging. Packaging has gained the utmost importance in the past couple of years because of the varying interests of customers. The preference of customers towards unique yet good-looking designs has made every business give ultimate attention to packaging.

Custom printed shipping boxes have become a major factor influencing customers purchasing decisions in recent years. Packaging not only encourages purchases but also creates a brand reputation to attract new customers. This article scoops the subject of custom boxes for you to discover all its aspects.

The Importance of Customized Shipping Boxes

  • It Creates Brand Audience

The days of plain brown boxes are long gone. No customers appreciate or want to buy from a brand that ships them items in boring plain boxes. People want the packaging to be attractive enough to persuade them to buy from a brand. Attractive packaging makes your customers return to you again and again.

Custom printed shipping boxes are not viewed by your customers only. During the whole transportation and shipping process, plenty of people views your boxes. When it reaches the customers, their family and friends view it as well. It creates an audience for your brand that you need to impress.

  • It is a Free of Cost Marketing Opportunity

The essential of packaging creates a recognizable image of your brand for customers. Eye-catching designs surely attract more customers towards it. Making an impact through custom designs has a direct link to a brand’s marketing. The more satisfied customers will be from your packaging; the more purchases they will make from your brand.

Furthermore, customized boxes also make them your brand ambassadors. Their satisfaction with your packaging will lead them to refer your brand to people. You just need to make an impact on your customers to get free marketing of your brand from them.

  • It Reduces Packaging Waste

One of the most common issues related to traditional packaging is that it is hazardous to the environment. The use of plastic in packaging has been common since packaging made its way in the 21st century. Recently, more and more businesses are interested in sustainable materials rather than plastic and custom packaging surely offers it.

Unlike plastics that cannot be reused or recycled, custom boxes are not only reusable but also recycled. If customers want, they can reuse the box but if they don’t want to reuse it, they can put them in the recycling bin. Either way, the packaging is being utilized rather than simply being wasted.

  • It’ll Save You Money

Although it may not seem evident at first, custom boxes with effective measurements and designs can surely save you money. The present era is all about the custom size of packaging. No one wants to receive their tiny product in a big brown box that is 90% empty and useless on the whole. Custom boxes built as per the size of the product you are shipping are more cost-effective than a big plain box.

The shipping cost of custom boxes is cheaper because shipping a small box is a lot easier to transport than the big box. The probability of damage during shipping has also been reduced with custom boxes because the product is placed in a fitted box. Moreover, custom boxes are easy to manufacture, assemble, and print on.

Personalizing the Shipping Boxes

  • The Nature of the Product

Every product type has different demands from packaging. Based on the category of the products a business is dealing with, a suitable box type, shape, and design should be opted for. It is not compulsory for a brand to deal with only one type of packaging. If your brand offers a variety of products that are different in nature and must be handled differently, you can go for multiple packaging options.

  • Box Type and Material

The packaging industry is expanding with the passage of time which means the packaging options are also increasing. Custom printed shipping boxes have a variety of materials and types they can be built from. Depending on the nature of the product your business is dealing with, you can choose a box type accordingly.

Corrugated boxes for apparel, chipboard boxes for food items, folding cartons for giant items, card inserts for electronics, rigid boxes for fragile items are the most commonly used. However, these box types are not subjected to a specific industry. You can choose any box type that you feel is suitable for the product you have to ship.

  • Measurements and Design

The size of the item you want to pack determines the size of the box you must select. It is extremely important to design a box that perfectly fits the product and no space within the box is left empty. Fitted boxes not only reduce the cost of packaging but also lessen the risk of damage while transportation.

The design of the box must also be according to its measurement. The art, logo, text, website, and social media handles must be placed effectively on the box as per its size.

  • Printing

After you have selected the nature of the box, its size, and the design you want to go for, the next phase is choosing the printing method. The printing method actually defines the cost of your packaging. There are two most common types of printing techniques used by brands.

  • Lithographic Printing

This printing technique uses a laminated screen between the machine and the box to print an image. As the cost of lamination adds up to the cost of printing, it is an expensive printing approach and is used in luxury packaging.

  • Direct Printing

Direct printing refers to the printing technique that prints an image directly onto the box. It is quick, easy to achieve, and cost-effective. Most of the e-commerce retailers these days are choosing direct printing to produce high-quality printed boxes.

The Bottom Line

Custom printed shipping boxes need to be up to the mark and unique for you to win over the audience. Customers have plenty of options to choose from and your brand needs to step up its game of custom printing boxes to make them buy from you.

If you want to play with unique color combinations, attractive graphics, and cool box shapes, Vista Printing is here for you. Our team of specialists will shape your ideas for perfect implementation!

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