Finley Aaron Love Lockwood- Wiki, Age, Net Worth and More

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood- Wiki, Age, Net Worth and More

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October 15, 2023

Finley Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood, two well-known American artists, are the parents of Aaron Love Lockwood. Her mom is the American singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley. She was born to the famous couple, Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley. Her father, American musician and producer Michael Lockwood, is her inspiration.

About Finley Aaron Love Lockwood

Name Finley Aaron Love Lockwood
DOB October 7, 2008
Place of Birth Thousand Oaks, California, United States Of America
Currently living San Francisco
Zodiac Libra
Nationality American
Height 4 ′ 5″W
Weight 35Kg
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Net Worth $60 million(Parents)

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood’s Past and Present

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood

She entered this world in the city of Thousand Oaks, California. Finley Aaron Love Lockwood’s (Instagram) parents are Michael Lockwood and Lisa Marie Presley. Benjamin Keough, Danielle Riley, and Harper Vivienne and Ann are her siblings names.

Dimensions, Weight, and Age

As of 2008, she is a newborn. As of August 2023, Finley Aaron Love Lockwood will be 15 years old. She averages about 4 feet 5 inches tall and 35 kilogrammes in weight. Her eyes are dark brown and hair golden. Born in America, she holds dual citizenship.

Biography and References

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood was born on October 7, 2008, to American singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Persley and her fourth spouse, musician Michael Lockwood. Finley Aaron Love Lockwood is one of the grandchildren of the famous actor and singer Elvis Persley and his second wife, Priscilla Persley. There is no information about the Lockwood sisters’ academic background; however, one interview does mention that the sisters homeschool together and study a select few subjects.

Net Worth of 2023

There is currently no information on Finley Aaron’s wealth, but we hope to change that ASAP. Nonetheless, her parents are reported to have a net worth of approximately $60 million.

Relationships, Childhood, and Family

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood

In 2008, in Thousand Oaks, California, one of the most renowned families in the world welcomed a baby into the world. Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is the identical twin of Finley Aaron Love Lockwood. Her famous mother is an American composer, and her famous father is a guitarist and music producer in the business. Michael Lockwood, Finley Aaron’s dad, has worked with a wide range of musicians. These include Lions and Ghosts, Automatic 7, Aimee Mann, Lisa Marley Persley, I Am Sam, and Sylvain Sylvain. Lisa Marley Persley allegedly has a new spouse named Michael Lockwood.

Riley Keough and Benjamin Storm Keough are Finley Aaron Love Lockwood’s stepbrothers and sisters, respectively. Lisa Marley Persley and her ex-husband, American music’s biggest star, Danny Keough, are parents to two young children. Finley Aaron, a stunning teenager of just 14, is not interested in a serious relationship at this time.

Marriage and Parental Bonds

The correct version of Finley’s name is Finley Finley. On October 3, 1988, Aaron Love Lockwood’s mother, Lisa Marie Presley, married musician Danny Keough, originally from Chicago. Benjamin Storm Keough (October 21, 1992–July 12, 2020) and Danielle Riley Keough (born May 29, 1989), better known as Riley Keough, are their children. A pregnant Presley made the announcement in March of 2008. This was Lockwood’s first experience as a father. On October 7, 2008, at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Centre in Thousand Oaks, California, Presley gave birth to fraternal twin girls Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood through a Caesarean section. The birth weights of the twins were 5 lb 2 oz (2.3 kg) and 5 lb 15 oz (2.7 kg). Their marriage had lasted for eleven years. Presley opposed Lockwood’s spousal support request in February 2017, claiming that she had found hundreds of images and films of child pornography on his personal computer and that the children had been placed in protective care.


  • Thousand Oaks, California, is where Finley Aaron was born. He was born at Los Robles Hospital.
  • American producer and model Danielle Riley Keough is her stepsister. She has worked with a wide range of creatives in cinema and television.
  • Priscilla, her grandma, used to be an actress but is now a successful entrepreneur.
  • She and her sister are homeschooling together, and she takes some specialised online classes thereafter.
  • Finley allegedly has not spoken to her father since 2020.


In Conclusion

This story served as the official reveal of the famous child star, Finley Aaron Love Lockwood. I really hope this post answered all of your questions and was useful to you.

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