SssniperWolf: Net Worth, Bio, Family and More

SssniperWolf: Net Worth, Bio, Family and More

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October 26, 2023

SSSniperWolf is a very famous YouTuber and their real name is Alia Marie Shelesh. She is a British American Youtuber but she was born in England on 22nd October, 1992. She is a very talented girl and she used to create content for YouTube she has several channels on YouTube. She became very famous on YouTube as she has over 31 million subscribers on the YouTube channel named SssniperWolf and over 3.7 subscribers on Little Lia.

About SssniperWolf

Real Name Alia Marie Shelesh
DOB October 22, 1992
Birth Place Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Zodiac Libra
Nationality British-American
Ethnicity Mixed (English-Greek-Turkish)
Profession YouTuber, Gamer, Social Media Personality
Salary $11 million per annum
Siblings Paul Shelesh, Bakir Shelesh, Ranya Shelesh


Alia Marie Shelesh

Her most popular video reached over 100 views and the name of that video is “Touch My Body Challenge”. She has become a YouTube star because her every video has millions of views. She has many nicknames like Lia, Little Lia, Sniper, and SSSniperWolf. She has a very good personality and her height is about 5’3”. She is 30 years of age and has no boyfriends. She is famous for doing videos and also for her gaming. She is very good at gaming because she started her gaming journey at the age of 6 when her father decided to buy her a PlayStation. Alia Marie Shelesh was placed from Glendale Community College to University to study medicine but she was not interested in pharmacy so later on she changed to nursing.

Why Is She Famous?

She is very famous on YouTube so she became one of the highest followed and highest–paid YouTubers all over the world and she did that with all her talent and charming voice. In 2013 SSSniperWolf joined YouTube and her YouTube journey started with gaming videos her channel name was “Call of Duty”. She is the queen of social media. She has followers on Instagram around 5.3 million and subscribers on her YouTube channel are 31 million with 18 billion views all total. Once she got success on YouTube she created another channel named “Little Lia”, this channel is dedicated to arts and crafts like D.I.Y videos, home goods, interesting subjects of women, etc. Little Lia channel currently has 3.7 million subscribers and 571 million views. She has a few brand preferences like Disney, E.A., Ubisoft, etc. She was also nominated for being a good gamer at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards but in 2020 she ended up winning awards. She started doing a merch line with a few items which he named Wolf Pack like phone cases, hoodies, shorts, notebooks, T-shirts, joggers, and Stickers. She has accounts on Instagram, YouTube, gamer, TikTok, and many more. She completed her schooling at a local high school in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom, and University at a Local private university in Liverpool only, and her religion is Christian.

Her Early Life

Alia Marie Shelesh

At a young age, she loved to play games and her main aim was to become a big gamer and wanted to make her career as a professional gamer. She became famous for playing PUBG and calling on duty. She always gets involved in controversies in adult movies, using clickbait, nude controversy, etc. She has no boyfriends as per her present status but once she dated YouTuber Evan Sausage. A year later she dropped out of school and started focusing on making YouTube videos and planning good content. She loves her mother a lot but she felt very sad when her mother left her job to be with her. She had many good friends but no best friend, so her mother was everything to him. She is a dog lover and she has three dogs with her. Her favorite color is blue and white.


SSSniperWolf’s mother’s name is Mrs. Shelesh her profession is housewife, and her father’s name is Mr. Shelesh who is a businessman. SSSniperWolf has three sibling two brothers and one sister. Her younger sister’s name is Ranya Shelesh and her younger brother’s name is Paul Shelesh and Bakir Shelesh. She is still unmarried so no boyfriends she has not even dated anyone.

Net Worth

Alia Marie Shelesh

SssniperWolf is very famous on YouTube so her income from YouTube also great. SssniperWolf’s net worth in 2023 is $16 million. She earns the maximum from YouTube channel and also from other social media accounts and multiple other business ventures. In 2018 her net worth was $3 million, in 2019 it became $4.5 million, in 2020 $7 million, in 2021 $9.5 million, in 2022 $12 million, in 2023 $16 million.

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