Know Everything About Liver King Net Worth

Know Everything About Liver King Net Worth

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October 18, 2023

Liver King is a social media celebrity, bodybuilder, and supplement entrepreneur in the United States who will be worth $5 million in 2023. By consuming excessive raw meat, he shot to fame and became TikTok’s latest viral fad. He is particularly well-known for the supplement line he developed in accordance with the Nine Ancestral Tenants. Liver King was a guest on the Impulse podcast alongside numerous well-known YouTube personalities. He’s very popular online, with over 3 million TikTok fans and over 1.7 million Instagram followers. Read on.

Everything About Liver King’s Net Worth

Name Liver King
Net Worth $5 Million
Annual Income $250,000
Profession Social Media Influencer
Gender Male
Zodiac Sagittarius
Marital Status Married
Wife Barbara Johnson (Liver Queen)
Real Name Brian Johnson

Early Years

Liver King Net Worth

Brian Johnson was born in Texas in 1977, making him 45 years old. He was raised in Texas, and as a kid, he didn’t look anything like the massive adult he is now.

He also said that the early loss of his father left him physically fragile as a child. After the death of his father, Brian moved to San Antonio to be with his mom. He was frequently tormented and shoved around by his classmates while at school. When Brian started going to the gym while he was in middle school, things in his actual life started shifting. Brian’s mother’s lover inspired him to get into shape. Brian heard that this person possessed a weightlifting bench and decided to put it to good use.

As his buddies began to pay more attention to him, Brian quickly developed feelings for them. His life was forever altered when a fellow student referred to him as “Mark Wahlberg.” A turning point in Johnson’s life occurred when Mark (who was, at the time, like a Calvin Klein model and a member of the Funky Bunch) was likened to him physically. Brian went on to Texas Tech University to study chemistry after finishing high school. He left school in the midst of orientation to begin working for a pharmaceutical firm. A little later, he returned to school and eventually earned his diploma.


Liver King Net Worth

After that, Brian got a job in the pharmaceutical industry. He met the Liver Queen in 2004 because of his newfound ability to afford pricey outdoor pursuits like snowboarding. The Liver King had adopted a new way of life before meeting Barbara. Barbara was a dentist when Brian first met her. Before shifting to selling nutritional supplements that complemented Brian’s ancestral lifestyle, the couple was successful as dentists when they started dating. They eventually tied the knot, and Brian and Barbara are the proud parents of two Savage Liver Boys. The Liver King’s social media posts frequently feature his and his wife’s children. When Brian’s sons were younger, they frequently visited the hospital due to allergies and other medical issues.

Both Brian and Barbara needed assistance badly. Around that time, Brian read “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon. That cookbook takes issue with diet-detox foods and politically acceptable nutrition. In a nutshell, The Liver King and his household embraced a set of nine ancestral eating trends that turned conventional wisdom on its head. The nutrition trends of the 2010s have swung in the opposite direction, pushing people to revert to the all-natural whole foods of our ancestors, which is ironic given that we had highly processed, low-fat food diets.

King’s Liver Diet

Liver King Net Worth

Brian made the decision to tell everyone about his research. In 2021, with the help of a social media consulting agency, he started sharing details of his life online. After posting videos of his food on TikTok and Instagram, Brian became a viral sensation.

Raw liver, protein shakes, bone marrow, chicken, turkey heart, and a pound of meat with egg yolk make up the bulk of his daily meal. According to the Liver King, he consumes around a pound of raw liver daily.

Workout Strategy


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Liver King also taught his devoted audience how to replicate many of his workouts. Frequently, these feats involve moving absurdly heavy loads. He likes to keep his weight and muscle mass steady, so he works out frequently. For his metabolic fitness, Brian focuses on legless rope climbs, Olympic lifts, and Tabata pushups, among other upper and lower body exercises. In addition, he regularly walks several kilometers under the hot sun while shackled. Liver King also does sprints on the ski erg, bike, and rowing machine. This concoction helped ancient hunters succeed in their pursuits.

King Liver’s Net Worth

Liver King’s predicted net worth in 2023 is $5 million.

Within a year, he has become one of the most influential figures on social media, with millions of followers. His Ancestral Dietary Supplements brand, which promotes his nine principles, is the main source of his revenue. He leverages his social media following to drum up business for the fitness products and services he endorses and promotes. Liver King earns over $250,000 per year and continues to amass wealth.


Liver King Net Worth

The Liver King and his wife, Barbara Johnson, are enjoying a lavish lifestyle. Their names for their young boys are Rad and Stryker. While working out and consuming raw meat and other animal parts, he frequently makes videos with The Liver Queen and the Liver Boys. Neither he nor his wife ever miss a workout, and the kids often join them.


How was Liver King so rich?

Liver King, also known as Paul Saladino, gained wealth through various means, including his career as a medical doctor, author, and entrepreneur. He authored books, offered dietary and health advice, and created and sold health-related products, which contributed to his financial success.

Who is Liver Queen?

There is no widely recognized figure known as “Liver Queen” associated with Paul Saladino, aka Liver King.

How old is Liver King?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Paul Saladino (Liver King) was born on March 30, 1982. You may want to verify his current age by checking the latest available information.

Who exposes Liver King?

Various individuals and groups have criticized or disagreed with some of Paul Saladino’s dietary and health claims. Exposures or criticisms often come from health professionals, nutritionists, and those with differing perspectives on nutrition and health.

How does Liver King eat?

Paul Saladino, or Liver King, is known for promoting a diet that includes a strong focus on consuming animal-based foods, particularly organ meats like liver. He follows a carnivore diet, which primarily involves eating animal products while avoiding or minimizing plant-based foods.

Is Liver King’s diet healthy?

The healthiness of Paul Saladino’s carnivore diet is a subject of debate. While some people believe it may have health benefits, such as weight loss and improved digestion, it also has its critics who raise concerns about the potential risks of eliminating plant foods, including fiber and certain nutrients.

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