How to Wear a Paisley Shirt in Different Styles?

How to Wear a Paisley Shirt in Different Styles?

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December 4, 2021

When it comes to fashion and style, paisley is considered to be one of the most known and popular designs, and it has become a staple of great prints and if easily found everywhere. Paisley is the key to looking classy when you style them correctly. Paisley shirt is an iconic wardrobe item that is timelessly classic and a must-have clothes for every wardrobe.

Recently, it has found itself covering jumpers and swim shorts across the world.

How to Wear a Paisley Shirt in Different Styles?

Space it out

If you are using paisley shirts, you have to remember that spacing is everything in paisley prints. It is recommended not to pay much attention to prints with a lot of space between motifs. When compared to smaller ones, you have to pay more attention to larger prints. When getting paisley shirts for men, remember that close and tightly spaced prints are more subdued.

Pay attention to white space

You might already know that too much of anything is usually a bad thing. It is important to follow the same rules when styling your paisley print shirts for men. To avoid overwhelming concentrate on balance, so set your paisleys against a white, black, burgundy or olive green backdrop. These shirts with fewer colours and lots of white space will appear bolder than those with more fill-ins.

You can look for garments with thin lines and less white space when you don’t prefer a look like a gangster. Paisleys men’s printed shirt with white space can really make them look a lot bolder. Paisleys open up the wearer to create an outfit more easily with the white base.

Look for muted fabric

Picking your fabric wisely is the key to looking classy with paisley casual shirts for men. For ties and pocket squares, silk and satin are wise options, whereas paisley can make you look like a small-time mafia leader. Looking for muted fabric is ideal for daily relaxed and formal wear as it provides the print with a desirable vintage touch.

As some paisley have many swirling colours, they begin to look overwhelming, so you can prefer muted colours that are more approachable. If you are potentially a little timider and reserved in your fashion sense, then you have to look for a more down-tone colour scheme. You no need to worry about getting the best colour scheme since it comes in a wide variety of colours.

Say it with accessories

Pocket squares and ties are good picks when you wear a paisley shirt or suit. It complements most basic suits and gives a royal touch to your ensemble. You can go for a paisley shirt and an accessory that can add a real zing. You don’t want to commit to printed shirts or pants as paisley neckties, and pocket squares present a middle path. With the perfect accessories, paisley shirts for men really look stylish in the perfect combination.

Pick your colour

The essential thing that plays a vital role in determining your paisley outfit’s overall look and feel colours. The most wearable colours are maroon, navy, olive and mustard. Coral and lavender are great options to pick when you feel more adventurous and want to give paisleys a fresh twist.

Paisley shirts come in thousands of different colours, so if you feel some colours do not bring out the best in you, you can leave them without any fret. They are available in many different variations, so you can get the colour you feel comfortable in and construct your image from there. You can pick the colour that makes you feel confident in yourself as you feel good, you look good.

Brightening up an outfit

When you use a paisley shirt, it can really brighten up an outfit alone, and they will jump out and really make the outfit brighten up and thrive. As you have seen above, paisley shirts work well with white, and they show up as bold on a white background. Normally white can be worn easily with various colours, but paisley really allows the design to stand out.

With another print

Most men prefer to wear multiple prints or patterns simultaneously, but they will be confused about whether the combination looks good or not. The fact is, this pattern takes practice, but it can be done with extremely good results. If you prefer to wear your paisley with another print, ensure that mixing patterns and prints are of different sizes.

Wrapping it up

Paisley shirts can be worn all year round, that is, without any doubt, you can wear them in winter, spring, summer or autumn. You can try these pairing when you buy paisley shirts to get the best look. For sure, all these outfit ideas will give you great sartorial results.

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