Type Of Pearl Necklace Are Popular Nowadays

Type Of Pearl Necklace Are Popular Nowadays

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November 4, 2022

Pearls are gems that come from the sea, and everyone loves them. Well, pearls are personal and can become uniquely perfect jewelry to wear on different occasions. But the thing is that how to select the best pearls? Choosing the right pearls from many types, sizes, colors, and grading systems may be daunting.

However, when it comes to buying pearl jewelry, there are many things to understand. They are stringed in strands to arrange beautifully to wear on the neck. Also, they come with additional designs and settings that experts perform with restringing of pearls. So, before looking at pearl necklace restringing near me, you must know the popular types of necklaces. This post will help you to know the wide range of available options.

Pearl types available today

First of all, you need to know the truth about the selection of perfect pearls. When buying jewelry, most people tend to explore natural pearls instead of cultured pearls. But there is no need to get natural pearls. Natural pearls come at greater costs and could reach millions of dollars.

Whereas cultured pearls are derived from pearl farming by inducing pearl oysters. You may not know that the trend of cultured pearls completely replaced the trade of natural pearls a decade ago. However, they still exist but are not easy to find. But cultured pearls are easier to find and come in 4 major varieties. So, let’s look at them to make your pearl jewelry selection more vivid.

Akoya pearls

These pearls are mainly grown in saltwater and are popularly known for their luster. The luster of pearls is referred to the light that reflects from the surface of the pearls. These perfectly round pearls can add beauty and elegance to your outfit. These pearls are the perfect example of classic gems that can be strung on a single strand. You can often see these pearls in white and cream colors. Also, they vary from size 5 to 11 mm.

These pearls are seeded perfectly with round-sized pearl beads. The ideal time for harvesting these pearls is 2 years and they are strung into strands. You can find these pearl necklaces with designer shapes perfectly made with diamonds and crystals. 

Freshwater pearls

You can look at the widest range of these pearls that come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. These pearls usually grow in a group of multiple pearls at a time. However, Akoya pearls grow just in one to two pearls. However, freshwater pearls are as good as nacre pearls, making them perfect for jewelry. They are real cultured pearls that produce a variety of pastel shades. Unlike Akoya, they also include pink, peach, and lilac colors. You can show interest in pearl necklace restringing near me by considering these pearls. These pearls can be found in the small size range of 2.0 mm and can vary up to 12 mm.

Tahitian pearl necklace

If you have a love for the black color and want something real in black pearls, consider a Tahitian pearl necklace. These pearls are only produced by oysters found in Tahiti, French Polynesia. However, these pearls might come with a higher cost due to their rare beads and vibrancy. They are often considered queens of pearls and offer round shapes and lustrous radiance. Also, the size of these pearls is generally larger than other pearls. These pearls vary from 8 to 12 mm and come in black, gray, brown, and purple. These pearls are also grown in saltwater and produced by a giant oyster called the black lip. You can see many designs of Tahitian pearl necklaces with beautiful pink sapphires and beads. 

South sea pearls

Are you looking for large-sized pearls for restringing into the strand? If yes, then look no other than south sea pearls. These pearls are grown in the remote areas of the Philippines, Australia, and Indonesia. The major attraction of these pearls is that they come in cream, silver, and white colors. These cultured pearls come from silver-lip and gold-lip pearl oysters. Also, these are the statement pearls that have the true essence of fashion and modernity. Size of these pearls is available in a large setting and you can see many of them embedded with decorative sapphires. You can see them in a large range of sizes that can vary from 8 to 20 mm.

What to see while choosing pearls

There are 4 main aspects you need to consider while selecting the pearls. They are pearl’s shape, surface, luster, and size. When it comes to shape, you must look at the rounder shape pearls. These pearls are more valuable as oysters rarely produce rounder pearls. Also, the pearl’s surface would not be 100 percent smooth. They come with spots, wrinkles, chips, and scratches. Moreover, the luster of high-quality pearls can be noticed with the naked eye. You can see the reflecting light through the surface of the pearls. The size of pearls could also vary from as little as 5 mm to larger than 20 mm. Therefore, you can make the perfect choice as per your budget, needs, and style preferences. 

To sum up

Hope you have a proper understanding of pearl types and how to buy them. Now, if you are interested in viewing pearl necklace restringing near me, you must consider reputed sellers. Also, you must consider the size, price, certification, and quality of the pearls. You can look closely at pearls and get them arranged in strands. You can choose the size and length of the necklace to flaunt your style and fashion, making you elegant.

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