10 Foods you either Love or Hate

10 Foods you either Love or Hate

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September 21, 2021

There are foods we love, foods we don’t mind, or foods we would never touch. We are lucky to live in a world that offers such a diverse range of edible flavors. Human beings cannot live on one type of food because we get bored; for us, variety is the spice of life. We all develop likings for different flavors; our tastes and choices are influenced by our upbringing and culture to some extent. We are accustomed to certain foods that we have eaten frequently since childhood, even if they don’t make the list of our favorites.

Some foods like bitter gourds and durian are generally hated because of their bizarre texture, awful odor, or unorthodox flavor. On the contrary, foods like sweetened milk chocolate and mozzarella cheese are favored by almost everyone. Last but not least, there are those special foods that people either love or hate. You are unlikely to hear anyone say that this particular food item tastes okay. They are either crazy about it or absolutely disgusted by it.

10 Foods you either Love or Hate

Here’s a list of ten foods you probably just love or hate:

  • Cheetos


Cheesy crunchy Cheetos are a guilty pleasure. You cannot just stop at one, or if we’re being honest, until the entire bag is emptied. I’m not particularly crazy about the red hot flaming variety, but still you can’t just eat one or none at all if offered to you. The cheesy savory crunchiness is heaven for most of us and munching on these corn-based snacks is so utterly satisfying for some reason. Cheetos aren’t even the worst snack to binge-eat if you ask me; they are a lot less unhealthy than Doritos and most brands of potato chips.

People who hate on Cheetos are largely appalled by the mess it creates, rather than its flavor. When you eat Cheetos, your fingers will get sticky and orange, plus there are crumbs everywhere. A limited percentage of adults claim that it tastes like salted sawdust, only because they have overly sophisticated palettes. They’re accustomed to Vintage wines, Beluga Caviar, and White Truffles (that many of us have never tried), so I’m guessing something cheap and processed won’t make the cut for them.

  • Coffee


Coffee is an acquired taste, but once you’re addicted, you cannot get enough. Many people absolutely despise coffee, and I just assume that they are immature. How can they even function normally without such a rich beverage that gives you your caffeine fix? Sure, coffee is bitter, but there’s a pleasant aroma and flavor beneath that tolerable bitterness. Not to mention, the bitterness can be counteracted by adding milk, sugar, and other condiments. So many modifications are possible with a cup of coffee and most of them are divine. Anyway, the conclusion is that coffee is either the best thing that happened to you, or it’s equivalent to toxic dirt.

  • Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

I can never understand what people have against pineapple on pizza. It’s totally fine if that’s not your preferred kind, but why all the negative propaganda? I actually like the combination of sweet and savory on a Hawaiian pizza; I’ll even proudly say it’s one of my favorites. I think avocado on toast is much more peculiar in the sense that you’re putting fruit on a piece of bread. People who don’t like pineapple on pizza make too big of a deal out of it as if it were an abomination or criminal offense. They call it barbaric or insane, but I doubt that they actually tried it. Pineapple adds sweet juiciness to the slice, which is quite nice. Everyone’s had sugary juice or soda with pizza, right?

  • Nutella


Nutella is perceived as unhealthy food, given the high palm oil and sugar content. However, everything that contains white sugar and tastes delicious is more or less ‘junk food’, so what’s the point? People who love Nutella will eat it with a spoon straight out of the jar, whereas the haters will internally scream at the mere sight. I don’t think anyone would shrug off Nutella when they have a taste for the first time. You cannot go wrong with a combination of hazelnut and chocolate after all.

People who are grossed out by Nutella are those who only like savory toppings on their toast. They prefer chocolate in a solid bar form rather than molten blobs you scoop out of a jar. I totally feel them because I too would choose salted butter over Nutella to spread on a slice of bread. Nonetheless, the chocolate hazelnut spread is scrumptious on its own and when incorporated in desserts.

  • Candy Corn


The dilemma with candy corn is the same as with the infamous Cheetos, i.e. you cannot stop eating it. Most people hate it for the fact that it is extremely binge-able, which means lots of extra calories from sugar are consumed. It is a traditional Halloween candy that is literally and figuratively tossed around through the fall season; hence, it is fairly difficult to avoid it around then. I personally have a love-hate relationship with candy corn because there are mixed feelings that do not converge on the scale of mediocrity.

  • White Chocolate

White Chocolate

White chocolate makes many people frown because they don’t acknowledge it as real chocolate. Truth is, they are not even wrong. White chocolate contains no bits of cocoa; it’s essentially cocoa butter mixed with sugar and a little vanilla flavoring. Therefore, people are annoyed by the fact that it is called chocolate when it doesn’t taste or look like one. Whatever the case, I think white chocolate is as delightful as brown/dark chocolate.

  • Canned Fish

canned fish

Being someone who is not a huge fan of seafood, I do not fathom the obsession with canned tuna, sardines, and other types of raw fish. Fish is stinky enough when it’s fresh, and I find it excessively putrid after it’s been sitting in a can for months. I would never even touch raw fish out of a can, so eating it would be a long shot. To me, canned fish is only acceptable if you’re buying it for your cat.

  • Olives


The oily and salty aftertaste of olive has mixed reviews. Some consumers adore it and devour olives like popcorn while it’s raw; the remaining cringe when they accidentally bite into one put on a pizza or in a salad. I think olives are okay – they don’t taste great or bad.

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