5 Tips To Find The Most Desirable Samsung 4G Mobile Phones

5 Tips To Find The Most Desirable Samsung 4G Mobile Phones

Written by Alison Lurie, In Gadgets, Published On
January 5, 2022

Samsung is a powerhouse in the smartphone industry, not only in India but worldwide. The brand has been at the forefront of technological innovations, setting the benchmark for other companies to follow. Samsung’s 4G mobiles have been another name for trustworthiness and reliability. Buying the most desirable Samsung smartphone can get complicated as there are a ton of options available.

Choosing the most suitable 4G mobile from amongst them requires proper planning and strategy. There are a lot of factors to consider. For instance, Samsung phones’ prices vary from one model to another. While the Samsung Galaxy M12 will cost you just about 12,000 INR, the Samsung A72’s price starts from 34,999 INR. This disparity can be further explained with the help of the Samsung Fold smartphones.

The Samsung Z Fold 3 Mobile Price happens to commence from 1,49,999 INR, among the most expensive models accessible in the market. Besides the budget, you need to look into various other aspects. We present you with five tricks and tips to assist you in finding a suitable Samsung model.

Distinguishing between the different Samsung series

Without zeroing in on the money you are willing to spend, you cannot select a suitable model tuning well with your requirements. And once you know the budget, you can explore the market. Samsung releases a multitude of options every year at every price point. Samsung has a specific method of demarcating its smartphones.

At present, you can identify five prominent series. The Z series sits at the top of the pecking order and constitutes the foldable flagship smartphones. Samsung Z Fold 3 price happens to be the most expensive of the lot.

The Samsung Galaxy S series has the brand’s best-selling premium mobiles, possessing waterproof abilities and the most powerful cameras. The Galaxy Note series features models coming with the renowned S pen and can be more expensive than the ones in the S series.

The Galaxy M series features affordable phones, while the A series fits somewhere in between (mid-budget). So, you no longer have to be confused with Samsung’s branding. Know your budget and explore conveniently.

Choosing the most appropriate memory, processor, and internal storage

When making your selection, you have to consider various factors. You need to opt for sufficient memory, internal storage, and a robust processor. The phone’s memory is not to be confused with internal storage. While the former is the RAM facilitating seamless multitasking, the latter (ROM) provides the space for storing a diverse amount of data.

Currently, 4GB RAM has become vital for smooth day-to-day functioning. However, for gaming, video editing or any other intensive activity, choose a Samsung 4G mobile with at least 6GB/8GB RAM. A stutter-free operation also depends upon the SoC. The quality of the chipset enhances as the price increases.

You need to look out for the CPU speed and the number of cores in the processor. Compare and go for a higher CPU speed if you are a heavy user. Furthermore, a dedicated graphics card will do wonders if you have multiple cutting-edge games installed on your phone.

And coming to internal storage, a 128GB or 256GB ROM should be on your list if you are planning to pile up photographs, movies, download a multitude of applications, etc. on your phone.

How much battery is sufficient?

On average, a Samsung smartphone can last for ten hours of online video streaming and fifteen hours offline. Power consumption for different activities tends to vary. Hence, to maximize the time between two back-to-back charges, go for a 4G mobile with a massive battery capacity (measured in mAh).

And do not miss out on the Fast Charging function to refill the battery in a jiffy. Games, video streaming, recording videos in 4K resolution etc. are some activities that drain the fuel faster. Hence, be wary of your requirements and your go-to activities on a smartphone.

Smartphones for the photographer hiding in you

Not until a long time ago did the brand have the best cameras reserved for the flagship smartphones. However, Samsung has upped its imaging game in low-priced phones. For choosing the Best Camera Phone, be well-aware of your requirements.

If you do not miss the scope of taking selfies, a high-resolution front camera, like that in Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (32MP) becomes a brilliant choice. This Samsung phone’s price hovers around the 36,000 INR mark.

Similarly, a portrait lover cannot do without a top-notch bokeh lens. One who is an avid traveler and loves capturing landscapes needs an ultra-wide lens.

Most suitable screen size

You must go for a large screen size if you are an avid reader or love scribbling, editing, or doodling with the S Pen. However, you should be comfortable with using both hands for optimal utilization.

A bigger screen is also warranted if you have ditched your laptop or TV to watch your favorite shows on your phone. In such cases, a 6.5-inch screen becomes non-negotiable.

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