Acer Veriton Vero Mini: Your Compact PC Buddy

 Acer Veriton Vero Mini: Your Compact PC Buddy

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Gadgets, Published On
December 6, 2023

The Acer Veriton Vero Mini is a great option if you need a compact yet powerful computer. Everything from its design to its internal components to its port selection, connectivity options, and more will be covered in this study. We’ll go over the pros and cons of this small PC so you can make an informed decision.

Design: Compact Yet Powerful

The diminutive yet powerful Acer Veriton Vero Mini is the computer equivalent of a superhero. It’s not quite a mini-PC, but it’s also not a desktop computer. It fits on the back of a monitor and is compact enough to use in tight quarters. The Mini’s front features an attractive speckled paint finish that proudly displays its recycled material construction. It adds character to the computer.

Acer Veriton Vero Mini Specs

Desktop Class Small Form Factor (SFF)
Processor Intel Core i7-12700T
Processor Speed 1.4 GHz
RAM (as Tested) 16 GB
Boot Drive Type SSD
Boot Drive Capacity (as Tested) 1 TB
Graphics Card Intel UHD Graphics 770
Operating System Windows 11 Pro

Making Friends with Other Devices: Connectivity

 Acer Veriton Vero Mini

Whether you prefer Wi-Fi or a cable, the Mini has you covered. Plus, it comes with Bluetooth, so you can link up your wireless keyboard and mouse. The Mini demonstrated impressive Wi-Fi download speeds during testing. The lack of a Thunderbolt 4/USB4 super-fast connection, meanwhile, might be a dealbreaker for those who require such connections.

Where Things Are Plugged In: Ports and Expansion

You can connect all sorts of peripherals to this tiny computer. You can find a headphone jack, a USB-C port (which is quicker than both of the other USB ports), and two slower USB ports on the front. The rear features many USB connections, an HDMI or DisplayPort connector for your monitor, and some slower, older USB ports for those times when you need them. One neat feature of the Mini is its ability to support dual displays simultaneously.

Ensuring Safety and Promoting Sustainability: Making a Green Switch

 Acer Veriton Vero Mini

The Mini’s spy-like security features make it reminiscent of a covert agent. Both the storage and the unique chip work together to ensure the security of your data. Additionally, the Mini is eco-conscious. The packaging it comes in is also composed of recycled plastic, further adding to its eco-friendliness. Also, there’s an app that may help you save power, so it’s more eco-friendly.

Software and Cost: What You Get for Your Money

 Acer Veriton Vero Mini

The Mini is preloaded with Windows 11 Pro, a customized version of Windows. Additional software from Acer and others is also included. Although you have the option to remove them, some users may be unhappy with the pre-installed programs that you may not require. The base model of the Mini costs $850, while the more powerful one costs $1200. Considering the size and characteristics of this computer, the pricing is reasonable.

Key Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
It’s stealthy and diminutive It lacks Thunderbolt 4/USB4 and has just one of the super fast USB-C connectors
Regular computing chores are no problem for it It comes with a keyboard and mouse that are adequate but not very comfortable
You can plug in all of your devices in one convenient spot
With this, you can use not one, but two displays simultaneously
Using recycled materials in its construction makes it eco-friendly


When it comes to little computers, the Acer Veriton Vero Mini is tops. It is powerful, yet it doesn’t harm the environment. In terms of everyday computer use, it fulfills its goal despite a few feature gaps. Ignoring the Mini’s few flaws can make it the perfect computer for your requirements. It’s as if you had a little friend who possesses immense strength!


  1. Would you say the Acer Veriton Vero Mini is the best choice for a one-bedroom or studio?

Because of its small size and compatibility with VESA mounting standards, the Acer Veriton Vero Mini is ideal for use on desks or as an accessory for some televisions.

  1. To what extent can the Acer Veriton Vero Mini accommodate dual monitor setups?

Oh, without a doubt! Thanks to its dual display connectors, the Mini lets you hook up two monitors and run them in tandem. The Mini’s data is protected by Intel’s Opal2 SSD security features and Windows 11’s TPM 2.0 cybersecurity hardware.

  1. Is a wired keyboard and mouse part of the Acer Veriton Vero Mini’s accessories?

If you’re looking for a full-sized, wired keyboard and mouse, the Mini has you covered. A counterargument is that some individuals might choose to use their own.

  1. On what price range does the Acer Veriton Vero Mini sit?

Minis powered by Core i7 typically retail for $1200 (with infrequent sales pushing the price down to $1100) and Minis powered by Core i5 retail for $850. A desktop part in the middle of the market would have comparable pricing.

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