Amazon Echo Pop: Small yet budget-friendly speaker 

Amazon Echo Pop: Small yet budget-friendly speaker 

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December 10, 2023

The Amazon Echo Pop can be considered as the most budget-friendly, yet smallest speaker manufactured by Amazon to this date. It has a different style from previous manufacturing products and has a unique appearance that is half-sphere and consists of different colors that suit your taste. One of the promising features is its built-in Alexa feature that allows you to control the device with your voice. The small size provides you with a promising trade-off regarding sound quality.

Amazon Echo Pop Specifications

Specifications Details
Manufacturers Amazon
Color Lavender bloom/ Charcoal/ Glacier white/ Midnight teal
Dimension 3.9’’W x 3.3’’D x 3.6’’H
Price $17.99
Weight 0.7lbs
Connectivity Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Audio Quality Full sound
Speakers 1.95’’ front-firing speaker
Privacy control Built-in microphone off button and in-app privacy control
Language English and Spanish
Privacy Amazon Alexa privacy hub
Warranty One year

Design and Built Quality of Amazon Echo Pop

Amazon Echo Pop

The Amazon Echo Pop is a smart speaker that is even smaller than Echo Gen 4 speakers. This feature allows it to be portable and compact at the same time. Its half-sphere shape gives it a refined finish and a unique design. One good feature of it is its unique color availability option that allows you to select the color of your choice.

It weighs 0.7 lbs and contains no RGB lighting. Along with that, only an AC power source is applicable which means that you cannot take it outside with you because it can only work when you plug it into an outlet. This can raise some concerns, yet the small size and sleek design allows you to carry it with a single hand and take it to different rooms of your house. The speaker is made of plastic which originally feels solid. But one thing that is slightly bad about this is that the fabric on the front is slightly loose which can cause breakage when you don’t handle it with care.

Sound Quality

It is more of a front-facing speaker because of its design, so that means you must adjust the angle of the speaker to have a good audio boost. Also, you need to pair it with a second stereo to get good stereo sound quality. The speaker doesn’t get loud enough to fill larger spaces.

The speaker frequency response is not that great as well, this means that there will be a thumb and rumble in the low-bass sound. The speaker doesn’t have enough power to fill a medium-sized room with a voice.

Easy Alexa Access of

Amazon Echo Pop

Amazon Alexa voice assistant is one of the key features of Amazon Echo Pop. Alexa can play music, control smart home devices, give detailed weather reports, and sports scores, and you can order products from Amazon as well. It offers a load of activities such as ordering pizza and telling bedtime stories. Alexa relies on a Wi-Fi network to enable music streaming and Bluetooth is supported as well.


This speaker has no battery, so it means you must plug it into an outlet to use this product. Like other speakers, it enters a low-power mode that reduces the overconsumption of energy.

Sustainable designs

Amazon Echo Pop

Amazon Echo Pop is designed to reduce carbon footprints which means that it measures carbon emission and tries to reduce emissions at every step. The material of the product is also 3% recycled, along with recycled packaging.

 Pros and Cons of Amazon Echo Pop

Pros Cons
Reasonable price Does not have as loud a voice as Echo dot
Balanced sound for audio No touch or temperature sensors
Alexa voice assistant Has weak bass
Doubles as an Eero Wi-Fi node
Kid-friendly version of pop is also available
Contain a microphone mute button
Half-sphere design and multiple color options

Should you buy it?

Amazon Echo Pop

Yes, you should buy it if you are looking for an amazing voice assistant and a small speaker. Its unique half-sphere shape allows the user to have a modern product on their table and it also provides a promising sound quality, but one must remember that it is a bit small for a big room, so if you want something that can give huge bass then this product is a no for you.

Final thoughts

The Amazon Echo Pop is a capable small smart speaker that delivers decent audio at a low price. It has a promising Amazon Alexa voice assistant feature that can solve your everyday needs. Its unique designs and multiple color options suit everyone’s needs, so it is quite compatible in this regard. It is a really good product if you want it at a minimal price.


Q: What music services are compatible with Amazon Echo pop?

Amazon Echo Pop is compatible with Amazon Music. Along with that, we can also listen to Apple Music, Spotify, and other apps.

Q: How does Echo Pop provide privacy to its users?

 The Amazon Echo Pop is built with multiple layers of privacy control features. It has a mic-off option in the control panel that allows the user to shut down any doubt they have regarding privacy information leakage. Along with that, when you say Alexa then it will turn itself on and when the light turns blue, only then will it listen to you.

Q: Is Echo Pop environmentally friendly?

Yes, the product is designed for sustainability. It means that the product is made from 100% post-consumer recycled yarn. The Aluminum added is 80% recycled plus the packaging is 100% recycled, so it is an environmentally friendly product.

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