LG 27-Inch StanbyME Go Portable Smart 1080P Touch Screen: Your Entertainment Companion on the Move

LG 27-Inch StanbyME Go Portable Smart 1080P Touch Screen: Your Entertainment Companion on the Move

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November 22, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of tech innovation, LG continues to push boundaries with its StanbyME Go Portable Smart 27-inch touchscreen monitor (27LX5QKNA, 2023 Model) in Calming Beige. This unique offering redefines portability, integrating a high-definition display, wireless capabilities, and a user-friendly interface into a sleek briefcase design. From its BRIEFCASE DESIGN to its WIRELESS WITH BUILT-IN BATTERY feature and TOUCH SCREEN functionality, the StanbyME Go promises to revolutionize how we consume entertainment on the move.

Specifications for LG 27-Inch StanbyME Go Portable Smart 1080P Touch Screen

Brand LG
Model Number 27LX5QKNA
Screen Size 27 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Display Type LCD Display
Resolution FHD 1080p
Display Technology LCD
Viewing Angle 170 Degrees
Display resolution 1920×1080
Product Dimensions 1.2″D x 24.4″W x 14.2″H
Item Weight 14.56 Kilograms
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI
Total HDMI Ports 1
Total USB Ports 1
Hardware Interface Bluetooth, USB, HDMI
Compatible Devices iPhone, LG ThinQ App, Android
Screen Surface Description Glossy
Speaker Description Dolby Atmos, AI Sound Pro, Built-in Speakers


LG 27-Inch StanbyME Go

  • Its contemporary briefcase design allows it to be carried easily and stored securely without hassles. The 27-inch screen has a sturdily made hard case which helps to shield it as well while in transport. This also makes it easy to store the device when it is not being used while on outdoor excursions or travels.

Wireless With Built-In Battery

  • : The power supply comes in handy as the integrated rechargeable battery offers continuous service of more than three hours with cordless freedom. Power is not necessary on all occasions for example at a beach outing, camping trip, or even a backyard party.

Touch Screen

  • The adjustable touch screen enhances the user experience by providing multiple usage modes like landscape which is ideal for watching movies and portrait mode for navigating social media pages, as well as a flat mode for playing games and listening to music. From a control perspective options such as touch, remote and voice commands are available; this makes it easy for one to interact with it.

Stay Connected

LG 27-Inch StanbyME Go

  • The StanbyME Go comes with Wi-Fi, HDMI, and USB port capabilities allowing easy interaction with conventional apparatuses. Moreover, it supports airplay and screen sharing with Apple AirPlay 2 and screen mirroring for faster content sharing in this time of the digital age.


  • With webOS by LG, one can access different apps, watch movies and music, or use the Internet without any problem. Besides, a user has unlimited access to more than 300 stations on LG Channels, which increases this entertainment device‚Äôs variety.

Pros and Cons of LG 27-Inch StanbyME Go Portable Smart 1080P Touch Screen

LG 27-Inch StanbyME Go

Pros Cons
Portability: This short briefcase is designed for convenient carry and safekeeping and is ideal for any traveler or outdoor enthusiast. Limited Battery Life: Its 3 hours of battery life could prove limiting in remote outdoor locations where there are few sources of energy.
Wireless Freedom: Comes with a rechargeable backup battery that can run for three hours straight, without the need for wired electricity. Price: However this is innovative and portable which comes at a price making it an expensive alternative monitor within that dimension and features.
Versatile Touch Screen: An adjustable touch screen capable of supporting multiple-entertainment modes, giving users a flexible control interface. Not Ideal for Intensive Tasks: It would be ideal for playing but may not suffice for heavy gaming or complex works as it is a portable device with limited specs.
Connectivity Options: The Stanby ME Go features a wide range of connection options which include Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB ports, Apple AirPlay 2, and screen mirroring. Size Limitation: At 27 inches, it is a little bulky, despite being portable and may not suit some users when they are working at particular outdoor locations or even small indoor areas.
WebOS Integration: The webOS, which is from LG enables the streaming of a variety of applications, TV shows, and internet channels, and enhances viewing in general. Dependence on Wi-Fi: It uses wireless through the use of Wi-Fi, making it not effective to connect to very rural areas and places with bad cell phone networks.

Verdict about LG 27-Inch StanbyME Go Portable Smart 1080P Touch Screen

LG 27-Inch StanbyME Go

LG StandbyME Go is a Portable 27-inch Smart 1080P touchscreen that offers an innovative solution for on-the-go applications. Its briefcase style, wireless functionality, multifunction touchscreen, etc redefines the art of taking your entertainment with you while on the road for example outdoors or traveling. However, the short life of a battery and its high cost may discourage some consumers especially those looking for external use of equipment, where there are no power sources. Notwithstanding, the StanbyME Go is a nice option for people who prefer having portable and good-quality entertainment.


  1. What is the resolution of LG StanbyME?

It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 for sharp image visualization.

  1. Is the StanbyME Go a viable option for gamers?

It would be fit for casual gaming but might disappoint gamers who are obsessed with sophisticated games owing to its portability and specs.

  1. Is it compatible with a headphone and does it have inbuilt speakers?

Yes, the StanbyME Go has a built-in speaker, which improves on this matter.

  1. What is the battery life in one charge?

It has a built-in battery that can last up to 3 hours, although real battery lifespan depends on usage and connectivity.

  1. Is it possible for me to link my smartphone to the StanbyME Go?

Yes, you can connect to a smartphone using screen mirroring, Apple AirPlay 2, and USB ports, hence offering several ways of sharing content.

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