MSI Gaming Gs63 Review

MSI Gaming Gs63 Review

Written by Alison Lurie, In Gadgets, Published On
April 2, 2023

The MSI Gaming Gs63 is evidence that a gaming laptop does not need to cost a four-figure sum to be purchased. If you are ready to pay somewhere around $1,000, you have quite a few alternatives. It has a standard, unremarkable screen; the keyboard has little tactility; and the whole design needs to be more cutting edge. But if you’re playing esports games or are ready to crank down some of the settings, this laptop may get the job done for hardcore users and entry-level gamers who want to spend as little money as possible.

MSI Gaming Gs63 Specifications

CPU Intel Core i7-7700 HQ 76
Display 15.60 inch
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1950 (2 GB GDDR5) 108
HDD/SSD 1TBSSD+ 1TB HDD ,7200rpm
BNattery 65 wh, 3- cell
RAM 16 GB DDR4, 2400 MHz
Weight 1.86 kg (4 Lbs)
OS Windows 10


  1. Inexpensive
  2. Strong Intel Core i5 processor
  3. Ultra-light, metal-and-plastic body construction


  1. Poor Capability in Video Games
  2. Boring display


MSI Gaming Gs63

MSI Gaming Gs63 15.6-inch screen boasts an anti-glare coating and Full High Definition (1920 x 1080) quality to provide clear and pleasant viewing. If you are willing to pay extra for your laptop, go for a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) display. The 15-inch display is stunning and bright, maintaining accurate colours and wide viewing angles.


MSI Gaming Gs63

External communication includes two USB-C ports, two USB-3.1 Gen2 connectors, an HDMI port, and a Thunderbolt 3 port. DisplayPort connection and power transmission up to 65W is supported via the Thunderbolt 3 connector, which may also be used to charge your laptop.

Battery Time

MSI Gaming Gs63

Expect approximately four hours on regular usage, which could be better than other laptops in its class, but at least some of this is due to MSI Gaming Gs63’s stubborn refusal to improve its laptop batteries. But playing games without an internet connection is strongly discouraged. It rules out any game context.


In addition to the security provided by the password-free login to Windows 10 Home Edition, the fingerprint sensor built into the power button ensures that your data remains private at all times.


MSI Gaming Gs63

All black, the MSI Gaming Gs63 has a brushed metal lid and keyboard deck and aluminium heat fins on the bottom cover to maintain a steady temperature. The 0.5-inch-thick bezels on either side of the display contribute to the compact impression created by this laptop, despite its heft (4.1 pounds) when closed or in use (16 x 11 inches).

The base resolution of the 15-inch display is 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is bright, vivid, and crisp enough for most people. Nevertheless, professionals who do a lot of picture or video editing on their laptops may prefer higher quality. Regarding displays in this price range, the IPS panel is without a peer.


The Core i7 7700 HQ CPU inside features a cooling increase provided by the Trinity mechanism. The fans will rev up when additional airflow is required, increasing productivity. This portable computer also has a high pixel density. An excellent viewing and gameplay angle are further selling points for this laptop. Regarding storage, we can insert a SATA drive into a slot that accepts MDOT drives.

Our laptop has a 65-watt battery, so we should get an extra 4.5 to 5 hours out of it. This laptop has Dynamic Version 2.0, which provides an exceptionally high-quality audio experience, and has a maximum backup time of 7 hours (depending on usage). An anti-glare coating has been applied to the screen to save you from having to stare at yourself while waiting for the game to load. MSIs typically include de-cluttering utilities, so bloatware you don’t want may be removed and your system cleaned up quickly.

In conclusion

MSI Gaming Gs63 11SC may be an excellent choice for budget-conscious gamers and power users. The $599 basic model’s Intel Core i5 H-class processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics deliver significantly higher performance compared to low-wattage Processors and integrated graphics. A light gaming laptop, to be transparent. Our rigorous standards show poor results; hence reducing the visual quality settings is necessary for playability. It performs better with games with fewer system resources, such as Fortnite and other esports choices. The modest 256GB SSD rapidly becomes full, and the limited 8GB RAM further slows performance. Thankfully, both can be improved in the future (or right after buying it).

The GF63 Thin 11SC lacks several conveniences as well. This laptop’s low price is reflected in its stiff keyboard, a tiny touchpad, and a light 60 Hz display. Although it has a vintage design, this is not a significant concern for a low-cost computer. Is the GF63 Thin 11SC the best value among performance laptops? If you value performance above everything else, this laptop offers excellent value. It has a lot of potential once we add more memory and storage. Stepping up to our most excellent gaming laptop under $1,000, the Acer Nitro 5 won’t leave you with any regrets if your budget is flexible and you’re searching for a more specialized gaming laptop.

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