Polk Audio Buckle: Should I Buy It?

Polk Audio Buckle: Should I Buy It?

Written by Alison Lurie, In Gadgets, Published On
January 25, 2023

With its pilgrim design, Polk Audio’s newest over-ear headphones, The Buckle, may appear like a throwback to the age of our ancestors. It is part of the company’s Legacy Collection. The assortment of simple objects illustrates Polk’s conscious emphasis on the natural, basic design. The Buckle has a worn leather sheath over the headband, a muted color palette, and substantial metal slices with a matte surface, all of which look to live up to their moniker visually. This essay will provide an exhaustive review of the Polk Audio Buckle headphones.

Detail Specifications Of Polk Audio Buckle

Brand Polk Audio
Type Over Ear
Main Use Gaming, Fashion, Podcast, Music
Model Name Polk Audio Buckle
Sound Isolating Yes
Built–In Microphone Yes


  • Type: Over-ear
  • Closed-Back Enclosure Wireless: No
  • A dynamic transducer

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones offer a quality design that makes them appear high-end and pricey. The headband is coated in imitation leather, and the ear cup padding is comfortable and well-constructed. The ear cups are positioned on a swivel hinge within the headband, giving the headphones a retro appearance. They are available in black with silver accents and brown colour choices. They will easily stand out in a crowd. However, not all listeners may find them appealing.


Polk Audio Buckle: Should I Buy It?

Due to the soft padding along the ear cups, The Polk Audio Buckle can tolerate extended use reasonably well. Nevertheless, the gripping pressure was excessive. Throughout the lengthy hearing sessions, I frequently wished for a bit more cushioning on top. The only negative I encountered with these headphones was the lack of cushioning for prolonged listening. Within a week of using them for about an hour, the crown of my head became slightly painful. Additional padding would have increased the customer’s satisfaction with these headphones, as the support places more pressure on the base of the skull than on the ears.

Jack and Cord

Polk Audio Buckle cable is made from a material that is resistant to tangling. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your headphones’ cord getting tangled. Even though the jack is 2.5mm (1/8″), it is not a 3.5mm (1/8″) jack. This shows that you do not have an extension cord or adapter. After that, you will be compelled to purchase one. Alternatively, you might use one of the tiny wires with buttons on both ends. The built-in microphone is a tiny pinhole next to the connector jack, making it nearly unnoticeable. I could hear the sound loudly and clearly, and it was incredibly responsive.


  • iOS System Compatibility Ease Of Use Excellent Feedback Acceptable Call/Music Control Yes
  • Volume Control Yes
  • Microphone Settings No
  • No Channel Mixing No Noise Cancellation Nonexistent Talk-Through Nonexistent Extra Buttons No

The controls of the Polk Audio Buckle are efficient and effective. Only one general-purpose switch controls the volume, music/calls, and track skipping. It is simple to use; however, feedback is not always optimal. It is possible to mistakenly increase the level when attempting to pause music, which is not ideal but doesn’t take long to get used to.


  • Length: 7″
  • Width: 7″
  • Volume 168 in³
  • Transmitter Required N/A

The Polk Audio Buckle is compact for over-ear headphones, but they do not fold, making them inconvenient to carry around. Also, the ear cups do not lay flat, so unless you have a bag, they are not the most convenient headphones to have with you.

Audio performance

A similarly styled sonic characteristic complements the Buckle’s meticulously-crafted look. The frequency response is highly sculpted, with the treble sanded down to a dull, smooth finish and the bass and lower middle frequencies emphasised to create a chocolate-like hue. Despite this, the Polk Audio Buckle gives great space for instrumental detail, particularly in the stereo channels’ far-flung peripheries, delivering plenty of punch with no audible distortion.

Build Quality

Polk Audio Buckle: Should I Buy It?

The Polk Audio Buckle is durable and constructed with numerous superior materials. They are impervious to a few accidental drops, and the cable is replaceable if it is broken by normal wear and tear. Unfortunately, the ear cup hinges are the weakest location where damage could occur. The toggle is also situated on a spring mechanism, which may become worn with prolonged usage.

Outside the Box

Buckle’s unboxing experience lies awkwardly between premium and economy brand packaging. We noticed the headphones encased in a thin layer of biodegradable packing foam upon opening the faux-wooden box (oddly, from the bottom by design). When we strained on the phones, we discovered tiny plastic bindings that were somewhat difficult to remove.

Polk Audio Buckle: Should I Buy It?


  • Strong and distortion-free sound
  • Rich, well-defined midrange
  • Heavyweight bass
  • Integrated iOS control
  • Great value


  • Bad Audio Quality (too far)


Does the Polk Audio buckle include a carrying case?

The Polk Audio Buckle has a stylish cotton pouch to prevent minor scuffs and scratches while in your bag. Unfortunately, as it’s a soft bag, it won’t protect them from accidental drops and hits, which is somewhat disappointing.

Are Polk headphones of quality?

The Polk Audio Buckle is solid, well-constructed headphones with a rather dark and bass-heavy sound. They appear and feel premium and suitably comfortable for most listeners. Unfortunately, they have a solid, non-portable construction and do not block much noise, so they will not be the best option for commuting.

Why is the Buckle so exceptional?

Polk Audio Buckle fits the curve of your head for a pleasant, secure fit due to its ergonomically designed headband and pivoting ear cups. Superior materials, such as lightweight, sturdy aluminum and sewn leatherette, Built-in three-button control, and microphone provide straightforward, one-finger audio and phone call control.


The Polk Audio Buckle is a pleasant addition to the category of mid-range over-ear headphones due to their combination of laid-back aesthetic and sound with rich definition and ample power. Their suggested MSRP of $250 is a bit steep, but at their current internet price of $200, Polk Audio’s Buckle is an attractive option in a highly competitive industry.

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