Samsung Galaxy Buds FE Review: Elevating Your Listening Experience

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE Review: Elevating Your Listening Experience

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Gadgets, Published On
November 23, 2023

As part of its Galaxy lineup, Galaxy Buds FE from Samsung is now joining the market promising exceptional sound quality as well as high levels of comfort integrating conveniently with Galaxy devices. These earbuds cost around ninety-nine dollars ninety-nine and their goal is to deliver affordable ANC, rich sound quality, and user-friendly features. So let’s get straight at it with its major characteristics, merits, demerits as well as its overall execution.

Specifications for Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

Model Name Buds FE
Color Graphite
Form Factor In-Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Item Weight 0.14 Kilograms
Noise Control Active Noise Cancellation
Warranty Description 1 Year Manufacturer
Special Feature Noise Cancellation, Built-In Voice Assistant, Touch Control
Control Type Media Control
Cable Feature Without Cable
Controller Type Bixby
Control Method App
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth
Compatible Devices Cellphones, Tablets, Televisions, Laptops

Key Features of Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

  • Designed for Comfort and Stability

In this respect, the wingtip design of the Galaxy Buds FEs promotes higher levels of comfort over an extended session. Apart from holding onto the ears, the design prevents discomfiture even after prolonged use.

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

The Active Noise Cancellation element allows uninterrupted listening to preferred sound for users. Hence, this is a sophisticated technique to prevent unnecessary background sounds for an engaging auditory setting.

  • Seamless Integration with Galaxy Devices

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

The ease of connecting other Galaxy devices via a Samsung account is one of its unique traits. The earbuds easily pair with compatible devices for a connection that hardly takes any time as well as easy access to linked devices.

  • Auto Switch and Device Connectivity

Auto Switch allows seamless switching between multiple connected devices. For example, people can easily move from viewing a film on their tablet computers to answering a phone call on their mobile phones without interruption.

  • Audio Quality and Controls

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE is a sculpted sound with highlighted bass intended for those who like a better audio experience. The earbuds come with intuitive playback controls in the form of capacitive touch panels, which can be a bit too sensitive to accidental touches.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

Pros Cons
Useful integration with Samsung devices Below-average water-resistance rating
Sculpted sound with deep bass Limited customization options in the companion app
Effective noise cancellation Absence of customizable EQ
Clear microphone performance Lack of multi-point connectivity

Verdict about Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

It is worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE offers a decent audio experience to those who are part of the Samsung ecosystem. It has an active noise cancellation capability, provides a comfortable fit, and readily connects with other devices. Yet, it has a lower level of waterproofing and few features that can be configured within the companion app which, at times, could result in a loss of interest by certain users.

Nonetheless, the Samsung branded headset is affordable while having active noise cancelation, thus is a good option for those who own other Samsung devices. Nevertheless, for those who look forward to a higher level of customizability, as well as broader suitability, other alternatives like the Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 NC offer better value.


  1. Are the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE waterproof?

Galaxy Buds FE score poorer on water resistance, and they may not handle water exposure as well as other models. You should shield them from excess wetness.

  1. Does the companion app offer the option for customization of equalizers?

However, it is unfortunate that one cannot fine-tune or customize the equalizer settings in the companion app enabling tailoring audio to personal tastes.

  1. Is that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Fe support multipoint?

Are these earbuds with multi-point connectivity, meaning they cannot be paired simultaneously with many devices?

  1. Does the active noise cancellation feature work effectively?

The Galaxy Buds FE is equipped with a competent active noise cancellation feature that effectively reduces external noise and creates an uninterrupted listening environment.

  1. Do these earbuds work on non-samung devices?

Although they can work on some non-Samsung Android mobile phones, the functionality will not be the same as in the Samsung ecosystem where they will support Samsung scalable codec for easy connection together with some other essential features.

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