Arya Play – The Value Game

Arya Play – The Value Game

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December 9, 2021

What are Human values?

Human values are particularly important in life, where people will sacrifice almost anything and everything to live out their values. Honesty, integrity, love, and happiness are qualities of ultimate values that people aspire to, practice, and live by. Health, money, popularity, status, and intellect are some of the means of values that help to accomplish life’s values. Terminal values and instrumental values are terms used to define the end values and mean values, respectively. While end values are constant and help us achieve higher-order objectives, means values are temporary and help us in achieving lower-order goals.

How are values formed?

People’s values include both terminal and instrumental values, which are formed and supported by the culture in which they grow and the living environment. Individuals’ values form of education from their parents, educational institutions, friends, personal experiences, and culture. Our academics, organization plays an influence on individual values, and to some extent, socioeconomic situations. The instrumental values are determined by experiences, but they will produce the terminal values.

Why is it important to know about values?

Understanding our values allows us to be precise about why we do what we do and, as a result, keep on goal and live a stable life. Our values affect all of our habits and behaviours. Our society’s leaders are those who are aware of their values and live by them. Understanding our values allows us to create life goals because we realize what is most important to us today and in the future. To reach goals, values are just as important as skills.

Understanding people’s values are just as essential as understanding their behavior and the reasons for it. Understanding their values can also help us comprehend their decision-making. While terminal values give us a sense of satisfaction, richness, and purpose, functional or temporary values provide us with a path to follow to achieve our life goals while being true to terminal values.

How to identify our values?

Preparing a checklist of what is most important to all of us, both personally and professionally, is the best way to identify our values as those of others. These can then be split into terminal and instrumental values. Since these instrumental values evolve over time, it’s necessary to perform this activity on a regular basis. When we examine our goals, the best time to consider our values is when we check our goals.

Is it possible to form/change values? If yes, how?

Yes, a set of values, especially terminal values, are chosen and lived with. All that is needed is a deep commitment to our goals, and the activities required to achieve them. Living with permanent values involves going to any extent to uphold them as consequences. If speaking the truth is important to us, and saying the truth leads to difficulties, then be it. Accepting values means moving toward those values. Similarly, identifying the values that drive us in stepping away from situations we prefer to prevent is critical. This activity is moving further away from or changing negative values.

Are values relevant at the workplace?

Yes, having a thorough understanding of our values is helpful at every stage of life, including employment, because values influence our behaviors and attitudes, which shape our future. If you have a set of values, your chances of getting a job rise drastically, particularly in organizations that appreciate your values. The values of a person are a great measure of people’s behavior at work. As a result, apart from the much-needed skills, organizations would prefer a candidate who is very clear about their values. Your beliefs influence your behavior at work, which helps to establish your brand.

Arya Play for your VALUES

I like to introduce a game to make you understand your life’s values in various situations. They classified life values into one of the 60 decks in the pack, which gives you physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. When playing Arya Play Card games with different persons, you pick which cards you value the most. You can have meaningful and fun talks with your friends, partners, and tribes when you Arya Play. Each card in the Arya Play Value card game focuses on a different source of values found all around us. You’ll ultimately figure out what it means to take on the rest of this serious game. Arya Play is an icebreaker game for understanding the VALUES that are most important to you and knowing what you need to live your best life.

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