Asus Radeon RX 550 4G: A well-built and good performer graphic card 

Asus Radeon RX 550 4G: A well-built and good performer graphic card 

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December 20, 2023

In the world of graphic cards, there has been quite an uproar in recent times because of the Bitcoin mining craze and video cards emerging from Ethereum. People are still booming on midrange cards causing all graphic card prices to considerably rise and making some cards cut off from the market. However, this doesn’t usually affect the high and low-end market prices because they are neither too weak nor too strong in their optimal working efficiency.

The Asus Radeon RX 550 is a low-end budget-friendly desktop graphic card that is meant to be inexpensive for some while at the same time giving off considerable working efficiency. It is a modest update to your old budget cards. AMD’s Radeon RX 550 chip has a good 4GB memory which amounts to around $110 also the 2GB version is at $90. This means that it can provide useful upgrades to those who are working on making their PC somewhat cooler for the first time. It is not a bad product, but rather a normal working graphic card which is best for some amateurs.

Specifications of Asus Radeon RX 550

Asus Radeon RX 550 4G

Specifications  Details
Manufacturers ASUS Computer International Direct
Weight 1 pound
Dimension 7.6 x 1.5 x 4.5inches
No USB Port 1
Graphic card RAM Size 2
Memory speed 7000MHz
Coprocessor AMD Radeon RX 550
Screen resolution 5120 x 2880 Pixels
Graphic memory type GDDR5
Memory amount 4 GB
Number of fans 1
Board power 50 W
GPU Base clock 1100 MHz
Warranty One year

What’s in the box of Asus Radeon RX 550?

Asus Radeon RX 550 4G

The Asus Radeon RX 550 is a well-built graphic card. The box contains a

  • A Graphic card
  • A warranty cards
  • A user manual
  • A software driver

Design and Built Quality of Asus Radeon RX 550

Of all the graphic cards experienced till now, the Asus Radeon RX 550 is the most refined version. It contains a single fan to blow off the heat. It is a sturdy build that contains a fairly good amount of spinning range and is covered with a small red and black mesh that covers only half of the card Printed circuit board (PCB).

The card is small because of the single fan design. It is 7.2 inches long, 4.4 inches wide, and 1.7 inches deep. This makes it fit into small PCs. Irrespective of the size, it still contains a normal height, dual-width card like that of every other graphic card, so that is a really good feature.

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Power output for the Asus Radeon RX 550 4G

Asus Radeon RX 550 4G

The Asus Radeon RX 550 graphic card has no secondary Peripheral Component Interconnect Express which means that it takes it from some other source than the motherboard. It comes with three video connectors one DVI, one HDMI 2.0, and one regular DisplayPort. This trio is a perfect standard for many users who are looking for a budget graphic card. These three cards have a natural tendency to connect to most PCs irrespective of their old or modern build.

The AMD Radeon RX 550 comes in two memory versions which are 4GB and 2 GB. The 4GB version contains an effective 7,000MHz memory storage. As compared to the 2GB, the 4GB gives you more vibrant performance, greater details, and noticeable memory coverage.

Software of Asus Radeon RX 550

This graphic card is compatible with many other GPU Tweak II software which makes you want to buy the software, but here is the best part you can buy the software from the company’s website for free. You can do one-click overclocking. When you run the software, the display provides you with a Home menu that contains three preset modes which are OC mode, Gaming mode, and Silent mode.

The base clock speed reaches 20MHz in the OC mode, 1,183MHz speed in the Gaming mode and drops to 20MHz in the Silent mode. These details are visibly written in the info tab of the software which also displays GPU clock speed and several other details. The speed increases from one mode to another with a small performance difference, with a stepped-up performance from Silent to Gaming.

There is an XSplit Gamecaster software that allows you to stream and record gameplay. It also highlights the clock speed and temperature while integrating GPU controls into an overlaying interface.

Pros and Cons of Asus Radeon RX 550

Asus Radeon RX 550 4G

Pros  Cons
Small compact and sturdy size Some chips like GeForce GTX 1050 provide more efficiency at the same price.
Three preset modes for efficient performance
No power supply is required for the connection
Price is inexpensive
Good memory and boost base clock
Works for all PCs

Should you buy the Asus Radeon RX 550?

If you are looking for something on your PC that has an integrated graphic system, and that will supercharge your e-gaming craze, then you must you the Asus Radeon RX 550 4G. With the help of the Polaris deep encoding support, you can stream your adventures with a detailed viewpoint and the graphics will be top-notch and on point. It is a budget-friendly product in every sense.

Final thoughts about the Asus Radeon RX 550 4G

The 4GB Asus Radeon RX 550 is one of the budget-friendly graphic cards that is in every sense a commendable product. This is a substantial upgrade to your old graphic cards. The well-designed software with three preset modes gives off a perfect performance. The size also allows it to fit in small spaces. You also don’t need to connect the power supply for it to work. Irrespective of the size and build, it majorly works for every single PC and is one of the affordable products.


Q: What are the special features that the fan exhibits?

 There is only one fan in the graphic card that provides a compact size to the card. It has an IP5X, dustproof quality designed to ward off dust particles contributing to a clean build.

Q: Is the graphic card compatible with other outlets and voltages?

There may be an issue with the outlet and differing voltages that can be resolved by using an adapter or a converter. This may give off a good design for use and you can also check the product before purchasing it.

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