HiFi MAN SUNDARA Headphones

HiFi MAN SUNDARA Headphones

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December 9, 2023

The HiFi Man Sundara headphones give one of the best audio reproductions with an amazing bass to provide different music genres. Sundara is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sundara” meaning beautiful. This model has a newly developed 80% thinner diaphragm, giving a faster frequency. It comes with a 3.5mm detachable cable that makes it easy to move freely. It has a metal headband which gives it a street-smart look and gels in with the new fashion of the gen-z world.

Specification for HiFi MAN SUNDARA

Brand ‎HiFiMAN
Manufacturer ‎HIFIMAN Electronics
Model Name ‎Hifiman
Model Year ‎2017
Product Dimensions ‎27.94 x 17.27 x 30.73 cm; 372 Grams
Item model number ‎SUNDARA
Operating System ‎Android
Hardware Platform ‎Smartphone
Compatible Devices ‎iPhone
Mounting Hardware ‎Headphone with cable and User Manual
Microphone format ‎without microphone
Headphones form factor ‎Over Ear
Charging Time ‎6 Hours
Cable feature ‎Detachable
Connector Type ‎Wired
Material ‎Metal
Form Factor ‎Over Ear
Manufacturer ‎HIFIMAN Electronics
Item Weight ‎372 g

 Elegant looks and durability:

HiFi MAN SUNDARA Headphones

It has trendy street-style looks without even compromising on the sound quality. The headband is lightweight and gives great comfort when put on. Even the soft leather earpads give it an extra cushion effect which makes it comfortable for listeners to put on the ear.

 Audio playback:

It gives the listeners a sense of depth of space due to its open-back design. During recording it gives an edge as it adds extra depth. But it should be kept in mind that it may not provide noise isolation.


HiFi MAN SUNDARA Headphones

High-quality materials used in the making of these durable headphones make them naturally very comfortable. The soft earpads give extra padding and make the listening session longer.

Tangle-free cable for movement:

The HiFi Man Sundara Headphones provide a 3.5mm connecter and a 1.5 metre-long headphone cable which no matter how many times you move the kit won’t mess up the setup. Since the cable is detachable it makes it easy for further customization or replacement.

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Makes the experience a Holographic Sonic Journey

Due to the polar magnetic driver and great frequency. It captures the minutest details, giving us a holographic and airy sound. The polar magnetic driver provides us with accurate and detailed sound.

HiFi MAN SUNDARA Headphones

Pros and Cons of HiFiMan Sundara

Provides enhanced music quality Jack is right-angled
Street style look to make it more stylish The clamping force is tight
Leather earpads to make it more comfortable
Open back spacing gives more depth while recording

 Verdict of HiFiMan Sundara

The HiFiMan Sundara Headphones have planar magnetic drivers that give us a speedy result within the frequency. It gives us an expanded music quality with the 80% thinner diaphragm. All in all, the HiFiMan Sundara headphones come among the range of professionals who want to have a great and deep experience and these headphones are well suited to all the different genres of the music industry.


Is HiFiMan Sundara comfortable?

They are super comfortable, lightweight, and straightforward with leather earpads and metal headbands.

Is Sundara good for metals?

This enhanced version is good for heavy and rock metal. People buying HiFiMan Sundara can get great frequency with speedy results.

Is there a timer or the need for batteries?

No, it neither requires a timer nor the batteries just the charging for it to work for a longer period.

What is the charging time for HiFiMan Sundara Headphones?

A minimum of 6 hours is required to charge the HiFiMan Sundara fully.

What kind of driver is HiFiMan Sundara?

It has a planar magnetic driver feature which gives us a clear detail.

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