7 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean with Kids at Home

7 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean with Kids at Home

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May 12, 2022

Your kids are home from school, and you’re stuck inside playing referee all day. Between the messes, the arguing, and the constant activity in your house, you can barely get anything done! Take some time out of your busy schedule to keep your home clean with these simple tips from Local Residential Cleaning Services.

7 Tips for Keeping Your House Clean with Kids at Home

  • Designate an area specifically for toys

In order to keep your house clean, designate an area where all toys are located and strictly prohibit toys from being brought into other rooms of your home. Whether you choose a corner in a spare bedroom or designate an entire room as a playroom, it’s imperative that all toys stay there. This makes cleanup easy because children will be able to pick up their own toys instead of relying on you to do it. If you have older kids who are responsible enough, they can even take responsibility for cleaning up after themselves! If not, hiring residential cleaning services in Dallas TX is definitely worth considering!

  • Have a place to put items away as soon as they are dirty

Children often make a mess of their toys, clothes, and books. If you have nowhere to put those items until they can be cleaned, expect a big buildup of clutter around your home. Professional residential cleaning services in Dallas TX can help provide that extra organizational tool you need. They will come into your home and clean everything on their list, allowing you to easily keep track of what needs to be done and when.

Once a week or once every two weeks will work best depending on how much traffic is going through your house. Some people prefer bi-weekly residential cleaning services in Dallas TX so that there is less time between cleanings and therefore less buildup of dirt and grime from one week to another. This also allows you more time during each session without worrying about keeping up with it all on your own!

  • Set a timer so you can clean in 20-minute bursts

Set a timer for 20 minutes, and then get to work. If you have children under your feet or a spouse who wants to talk, don’t put off cleaning because you have time to spare—make them wait until you’re done. This ensures that every moment counts when it comes to housework. A small amount of concentrated effort is much more effective than long periods of procrastination! You’ll be surprised how quickly you can accomplish tasks if you stop dawdling and start focusing on one thing at a time. And as an added bonus, using timers will help keep everyone in your household on task; no one likes to feel like they are being timed!

  • Don’t allow clutter to build-up

It’s easy to let clutter build up in your home when you have kids around. Whether they are making a mess themselves or it’s your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend who is doing all of that folding laundry and putting things away, you don’t want to do much of anything else if you have housework to do. Try not to allow clutter to build up.

Make sure everything has its place so you can put things back where they belong as soon as possible. The less stuff there is on surfaces and floors, the easier it will be to keep your house clean when kids are home. Also, try getting everyone involved in picking up after themselves. Let them know how important it is to maintain a clean environment and make it fun by playing games like beat mommy/daddy when cleaning time comes around. Just because your family has little ones doesn’t mean you should have to live in squalor! Keep reading for more tips!

  • Create a cleaning checklist

Try compiling a checklist of all your weekly, monthly, and biannual chores and errands. This will help you stay organized and avoid duplicating tasks. For example, if you have to take out the trash every week, don’t think about it again until next week—but check off that task as soon as you’ve finished it. That way, you won’t have to waste time going through an empties basket looking for forgotten items. If you have kids, assign them specific chores or make them responsible for certain rooms in your house. Not only will they feel more like a part of the family, but they’ll also learn responsibility and gain valuable skills along the way.

  • Focus on organization, not perfection

If you are trying to keep your house clean, don’t try to do it all yourself. You may be exhausted by it anyway! Look into residential cleaning services in Dallas TX instead of wasting all your time and energy trying to get everything sparkling on your own. This will free up your day so that you can focus on other things besides household chores.

Hire a professional residential cleaning service if you want a sparkling home without having to do any work! They have better equipment than you do, they know how to handle certain messes and most importantly, they know how to work quickly. That means less downtime spent watching them clean your home when you could be doing something else like reading or playing with your kids. Use these tips to make sure your home stays tidy while still getting a break from it!

  • Give everyone specific tasks

If your house has lots of kids, it can be a lot to keep on top of when it comes to cleaning up after them. It’s important that everyone takes responsibility, and all should know what is expected of them before you begin a clean-up session. Ask everyone to make a checklist of their own tasks and who they will be cleaning up after (their dolls? their cars? themselves? so there’s no arguing later on. Make sure everyone knows where everything goes as well – don’t forget to give specific instructions about toys or books! You could even set timers or alarms if necessary so things get put away in time.

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