Complete Guide for Beginners How To Choose Outdoor Tiles

Complete Guide for Beginners How To Choose Outdoor Tiles

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May 19, 2022

Trying to collect ideas for your house under construction? There are many things one wants to begin with, but going sequentially can help you wind up quickly. Everything that begins well ends well. Similarly, if your outdoor project of house decoration takes a good start, the rest will be good too.

Since the outdoor spaces are always the welcoming spots of your house, you should try to try carefully in these areas. The modern and feasible trend is setting up tiles outside. Here are a few things that should help you choose outdoor tiles.

Complete Guide for Beginners on How To Choose Outdoor Tiles

  • Consider your budget

Installing tile floors or wall tiles is a heavy investment. The good thing is that tiles are found in a broad range of colors, kinds, and prices. Depending upon your planned investment in the outdoor tiles, you can pick up the right ones for yourself.

The thing to remember here is that do not try saving your money by compromising on outdoor tiles. The outdoor tiles that you choose should be the best in quality because they are going to be exposed to nature most. By trying to save on outdoor tiles, you would suffer a heavy loss in the long run. The sun rays and storms can decolor your outdoor tiles. The outside areas are also spaces that invite heavy foot traffic, and heavyweight objects like cars. Thus, the best thing is to invest more in the outdoor tiles if you have the financial means.

  • Consider the Natural Aspects of your Geographical Locale

You must take into account the weather conditions of the area where you going to live.  Always look for outdoor tile that can withstand your particular weather conditions. A heat-resistant tile may not be suitable for snow or ice. Due to the freezing temperatures and mountains of snow, your outdoor tiles can completely wear off. You might love the appearance of quartz tiles and want them for your outdoor space, but it would result in heavy loss.

You can go for tiles that offer more slip resistance as well as wear-off resistance. Porcelain tiles will prove more useful for outside decking than any other tiles type. Travertine and marbles are other choices that you can consider.

  • Slip-resistance is a must-have character in outdoor tiles

On walls, you can fulfill your desire to see the luster of slippery tiles, but outdoor flooring needs to be made up of slip restraint materials. In heavy snow or rain showers, you would not want yourself or your pets to keep slipping and skidding. A fall on the tiles because of their wetness can easily result in fractures.

For tiles that could offer more resistance, go with smaller tiles as they have more grout joints. Picking up tiles that are textured. The more textured they are, the better resistance they will offer.

  • Frost Resistance Tiles

When ceramic tiles absorb moisture through their pores, the water freezes internally when the temperature drops, causing frost damage. Because water expands when it freezes, tension is created inside the ceramic tile’s body. This internal pressure may build up to the point where the ceramic tile cracks.

Look for tiles labeled as EN 202 Passed or Iso 10545-12 Passed. These tiles have been tried and tested against cold temperatures and would not crack under the effect of water expansion.

  • Consider Light Impact

Dark tiles make spaces look desolate and gloomy. But if you live in an area exposed to sunlight a lot, you can create mini corners manifested with dark shades of marbles. On the other hand, the lighter or brighter tones of ceramics can make your place look more spacious.

  • Look for durability

Outdoor tiles should be long lasting and durable. They should be able to withstand all nature’s calamities. They have to be rough and tough. But this does not mean that you have to set up boring exterior wall tiles. You can still find many beautiful tiles that would suit your taste and priority. At the same time, they can withstand environmental shocks.

  • Search the market for current styles

The entrance of your house is going to reflect your taste for the indie house too. You would not want to have a completely contrasting match in that your outdoor space looks 180 degrees different from the inside. You should strive for coherence in the overall design of your house.

You have numerous options to pick from. Whether you go for ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marbles, or granite, the market is open for all. Quarry tiles also look beautiful outside, but if you live in a cold region, it’s best to avoid them.


Modern technologies have made tiles resistant to climate. This has been done specifically for the outdoor tiles. For contemporary outdoor furnishing, you can use these tiles and be benefitted from them.

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