Find the Least types of Air Conditioner and choose the right one

Find the Least types of Air Conditioner and choose the right one

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September 14, 2021

There are many types of Air conditioners available in the market. In India, the percentage of using Air conditioners is increasing day by day. People are using various types of Air Conditioners for their homes. But many people do not know about all types of Air conditioners and for that, they may install the wrong Air Conditioner for their home. To know more about AC go through the types, are mentioned below.

Find the Least types of Air Conditioner and choose the right one

  • Central Air Conditioner-

If you live in a large house with a large room and do not want to buy Air Conditioner for every room then you can install a central Air Conditioner in that large room. The central Air Conditioner will cool multiple rooms at once. It uses a split system that regulates air through the ducts of your home. Central Air Conditioner uses refrigerant for removing heat from the room like any other AC.  A central Air Conditioner makes the overall environment more comfortable by reducing humidity around the house. But it does consume a lot of energy and that is why the electricity bill will increase.

  • Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner-

With the ductless mini-split Air Conditioner you can cool just a portion of your home or just a room of your home. This type of Air Conditioner is a combination of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. These two units are connected with each other through the tubing. A ductless mini-split Air Conditioner is the most efficient in consuming energy. Its indoor item is wall-mounted and it can be operated by your phone from anywhere with the help of a smart AC controller.  This AC can be installed without hassle. But a ductless mini-split Air Conditioner is not enough for cooling more than one room.

  • Window Air Conditioner-

Window Air Conditioner is the most common type of Air Conditioner. It comes in different sizes. If you go for a large window AC it can cool a home with an open space or small rooms. Since the beginning, this AC has been known as the champion of cooling smaller spaces. A window Air Conditioner is a one-unit AC. As in the name, it is installed in a window or by making a hole in the wall. It should be cleaned regularly because its filter slides out. This AC is easy to install and maintain and comes with a remote. But window Air Conditioner makes noise during operations.

  • Portable Air Conditioner-

Portable Air Conditioner is similar to a window Air Conditioner. It also comes in a single unit. But the difference is it can be moved from a room to another room easily as it is a free-standing unit. You can choose a portable air conditioner if you want to cool any particular portion. This AC is very handy and small that it can be used in a bathroom too. It does not need a permanent installation and easily can be stored when it will be not required. Portable AC sets up quickly in a very simple way. But there is also the same problem with portable Air Conditioner and that is, it makes noise during operations and not enough to cool one large room.

  • Floor Mounted Air Conditioner-

A floor-mounted Air Conditioner is specially designed for people who want to have a mini-split but do not have sufficient space on their wall. So, in that case, you can install floor-mounted AC. This AC  is also combined with two units. As this AC is floor mounted you can easily check its filter and clean it too. A floor-mounted Air Conditioner can cool a room faster than any other Air Conditioner. For its accessibility, it is perfect for elderly people. Though airflow can be reduced for any obstacle like furniture. And it is also not perfect for cooling a large room.

  • Hybrid / dual Fuel Air Conditioner-

A hybrid or dual fuel Air Conditioner is a combination of a gas furnace and an electric air source heat pump. The temperature outside the system automatically switches from burning fossils fuel to the usage of electricity. You can program the temperature at which the system switches from heat pump to furnace or you can make the manual switch too. In the summer season, a Hybrid/ Dual  Fuel Air Conditioner pulls hot air from your home and throws it outside. And in winter this process is reversed. It increases the comfortably of the room but not the electricity bills.  But it takes a high cost for setting up.

  • Smart Air Conditioner-

Smart Air Conditioner is an IoT-enabled mini-split,  window, or portable AC. These Air Conditioners are connected with a WiFi connection and come with a native app that provides global control through a smartphone. Smart Air Conditioner comes with many other features such as geofencing, temperature range control, weekly scheduling, etc. For these features, you will get a comfortable temperature with energy savings. Though this AC is more expensive than other regular AC. And to utilize all its features wiki connection is mandatory.

  • Geothermal Air Conditioner-

Geothermal Air Conditioner works by a new method. It works by utilizing the insulating properties of the earth. As we know the temperature under 3-4 feet stays the same every time of year and Geothermal technology uses this temperature to cool your house. An acute underground setup is mandatory for this type of AC. A geothermal Air Conditioner lasts longer than any other Air Conditioner. Though the setup cost of the AC is very high.

These are the most common types of AC available in the market. We hope this guide will help you out to choose the best Air Conditioner for you. And with this suggestion, we wish you a comfy summer.

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