How to Design a New Kitchen Aptly with Perfect Planning and Implementation

How to Design a New Kitchen Aptly with Perfect Planning and Implementation

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February 16, 2022

A kitchen at every home hosts different types of important tasks every day. Whether you are cooking, cleaning the utensils, eating, or simply gossiping while cooking, the kitchen should be the place where you can enjoy being in. Hence, careful planning is mandatory before building a New Kitchen to ensure maintaining the perfect balance between aesthetic and functionality.

How to Design a New Kitchen Aptly with Perfect Planning and Implementation

Know your needs

However, before starting the ideation of design, you must understand how you are going to use the kitchen. This is even the basic approach of an architect. For some, the kitchen is a leftover space to define at the end of the entire floor design. But for many, the kitchen can be the prime focus of the design as well.

Usually, architects want to concentrate more on planning the modules than the style or design of the space. It will help in optimizing the performance and also minimize the manufacturing costs.

New Kitchen

Workspace and flow

Usually, you will want to have five general sections in the New Kitchen. These include:

  • Pantry area: for food storage, refrigerator, and canned products
  • Cooking area: for stove and oven
  • Sink area: for cleaning purposes
  • Storage area: for appliances, cookware, and utensils
  • Preparation area: Ideally, a considerable counter space aiding in work

It is possible to permanently combine the cooking, pantry, sink, and preparation area. Again, you can also combine the sink, cooking, and preparation areas in a narrow triangular form to save space in the smaller kitchens.

Planning the storage

Maximum homeowners desire to renovate the kitchen because they are unhappy with the available storage space. If the same case applies to you, then you have to be very meticulous about planning the storage facilities in the New Kitchen.

Multiple options are present these days for the kitchen cabinets. You need to determine whether you want to buy the readymade ones or customization will be appropriate.

You can even plan for the floor-to-ceiling cabinets, especially when you have awkward corners in the space.

Usually, storage problems bother homeowners the most. Hence, you should always plan the storage first.

Planning the islands

Kitchen islands are always an attractive part of the design. But you have to keep in mind that form follows the function. Before jumping into the design plan, do think about how you would like to utilize the island in the New Kitchen.

If you want to cook and eat in the kitchen, you have to plan the islands, maintaining a safe distance between the cooktop and dining space.

If you want to separate the cleaning section, then you can fix a budget for buying nice sinks and cabinets underneath to hide the waste bin.

Islands can improve the workflow in the kitchen if you know how the segregation can be helpful.

new kitchen

Consider the work triangle

One of the chief aspects of kitchen design planning is the flow of workspace. Understanding the work triangle is important. Theoretically, the work triangle is the distance between the stove, refrigerator, and sink. A perfect New Kitchen will maintain an ideal work triangle to enhance workflow as you will easily move between the three most used points of the kitchen.

Poor work triangle will make you run all over the kitchen just to access the common things and aspects. Can you imagine running across the kitchen to empty a steaming pot with boiling noodles? Get rid of such obstacles with a practical work triangle.

Think before implementation

It’s important that you discuss the plans for the New Kitchen with your builder to ensure that you get exactly what you have planned as a dream kitchen. Planning is critical for the flawless implementation of the design. So don’t forget to select the right builder for the best output as per your requirement.

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