A Detailed Guide On Jelly Soap

A Detailed Guide On Jelly Soap

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March 10, 2022

In our busy lives, we hardly get time for ourselves to have fun. But we always find ways to fulfill our fun dose. Have you ever heard about the shower jellies to have a fun bath? Everyone is a kid by heart and jelly soaps are transforming your boring bath time into a fun time.

Jelly soaps truly function admirably in the shower. You use jelly soaps to have a bubblier and lathery shower by putting their small pieces in loofahs and sponges. These wiggly jiggly soap jellies are not only used in the bathroom as shower jellies but also as soap cubes to wash your hands.

A Detailed Guide On Jelly Soap

A Detailed Guide On Jelly Soap

Kids sneaking behavior for taking showers often bother their parents but shower jelly has solved their problem. Kids will quite often cherish these jelly soaps. Soap makers are marketing custom Soap Boxes of jelly soaps to respond to the growing demand for jelly soaps.

What Is Jelly Soap?

Some of you might be thinking about what the hell is soap jelly. Truly, it’s exactly what it seems. It’s a soap that looks, feels, and acts like jelly but gets you clean and is actually really bubbly. The jelly soaps are JELL-O-like soaps that bounce and shake while using them. Their squishing and jiggly nature add fun to hand or body washing.

They come in a variety of shapes and pleasing colors that allure the customers. Gummy bear shapes and candy-shaped jelly soaps seem joyful to the kids. Cosmetic or beauty jelly soaps can be molded to flower and heart shapes to give as gifts to your honeybunch. There are also plenty of custom soapboxes in the market having glittery or shimmery jelly soaps with vibrant colors. These glittery soap jellies are made from water-soluble lab coolers to give them the perfect bright look for summer.

How to Make Jelly Soap?

There are many flavors and varieties of jelly soaps. You can make jelly soaps by simply dissolving liquid soap with gelatin. To make jelly soaps first you need to arrange utensils and ingredient setup by your side. Because the recipe is really quick to cool. The setup includes gelatin, water, liquid soap, essential oils, shimmer, scents, soap coloring, essential oils, double boiler, separate mixing bowls, mitten, two-fold heater, Thick plastic containers, molds, Teaspoon, and scent measuring source.

In the First step of jelly soap making, you need to boil the water. After that, you will add gelatin to that boiling water and mix it properly. Then add liquid soap and try to dissolve it with a proper stir. If you don’t have a liquid soap then you can simply melt the regular soap on a double boiler to liquify it.

When the liquid soap is fully mixed with the gelatin mixture, add essential oil, soap colorant, shimmer, and any fragrance into the soap mixture. After that pour this soap mixture into the molds to give them desired shape. Place the soap molds into the refrigerator for half an hour. You can cool them at room temperature as well. But they will take a little more time to cool down. Once they cooled down and hardens to a jelly-like they are ready to be used and packed in custom soapboxes.

Precautionary Measures to Adopt While Making and Using Jelly Soaps

A Detailed Guide On Jelly Soap

  • Jelly soaps melt in warm areas. So, you need to be very careful while keeping them in warm places. If there is too much heat around, then you can simply refrigerate them. This process will help to intact their shape and texture.
  • Always add a very few drops of soap colorant to your mixture otherwise they will stain your skin and clothes.
  • While mixing melted soap with gelatin mixture avoid bubbles. For this reason, slowly stir the base of the mixture so that excess bubbles should not be made.
  • Assuming that the combination gets too goopy, similar to egg whites, simply heat it a piece and return to work. It should just require a couple of moments for the blending once the gelatin is liquefied.
  • Try to use silicone molds, because they will give you ease at the time of removing jelly soaps.
  • Jelly soaps are look-a-like of edible jellies. And their bright colors attract the toddlers most. So, you need to be careful and alert while using around more youthful kids.
  • To utilize the jelly soap, always sever a little piece and foam it on a washcloth or loofah.

Packaging of Jelly Soap

Like, any other custom soap box packaging, jelly soap packaging is crucial. No doubt, their vibrant, bright colors, and unique shapes are enough to make them attractive to customers. But, seductive packaging magnifies their goodness to appeal to the customers. There are lots of ways to package your jelly soaps. You can package your jelly soaps in custom cosmetic boxes with unique and alluring styles.

Moreover, the die-cut custom mailer boxes of jelly soaps can be placed in gift spa baskets or bridal shower packages. These packages can be decorated with twines, stamping, and foiling. You can package jelly beans soaps in transparent acrylic boxes or in plastic pouches.

Instead of making bars, you can also directly pour your jelly soap mixture into the glass jars. And, decorate it with unique labels and twines. These jars help customers to cut and slice the pieces of jelly soaps easily.

Whatever Packaging style you are choosing, it must be inexpensive. OBT Packaging is the best packaging solution that provides you with cheaper and more stylish packaging for your custom soapboxes. Their wholesale option and free shipping help you save money wisely.

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