How To Make The Baby Sleep Comfortably At Night?

How To Make The Baby Sleep Comfortably At Night?

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August 27, 2022

Putting your baby to sleep during the night is a daunting task for parents. Newborn babies tend to wake up every 2 hours for a feed to keep their tiny tummies full throughout the night. And when they start growing, they need less nighttime feeding.

But this has not happened in all cases, some babies don’t sleep peacefully, leaving parents utterly exhausted. If you have failed to get a good night’s sleep since your baby is born then you are not alone in struggling with this phase.

Don’t despair, as you can put your baby sleep all night peacefully. By following some of the tips you can help your baby and yourself sleep comfortably throughout the night.

How To Make The Baby Sleep Comfortably At Night?

  • Establish A Bedtime Routine

It’s never too late to set a bedtime routine if you and your baby are struggling to get good sleep. A bedtime routine should be easy and simple so that it won’t feel a burden to do every night and you can easily follow daily. Include calming, soothing activities in your baby’s bedtime like swaddling and shushing.

Some parents start a bedtime routine as early as 6 to 8 weeks old, bedtime routine can be a combination of different bedtime activities. For example, make them busy with active games during the day and quiet games in the evening. This thing will help your baby sleep to get less excited right before bedtime and get them tired from the day’s activity.

Follow this schedule every night to make a habit of your child and make sure the activity should be calming and peaceful toward the end of the routine. You can also add bathing before sleep to your baby’s bedtime routine, as it calms many babies and they easily fall asleep.

Try to associate things to their sleep space by saving their favorite activity for last in their bedroom. Provide a comfortable bed so that they can sleep comfortably and relaxingly, for that Little Green Sheep Voucher Code will help you in buying natural mattresses at low prices!

  • Try To Soothe Them Less

Train your baby to soothe themselves, when your baby wakes in the middle of the night go check on them. But try to limit your time with them in their bedroom and make it clear it’s time to sleep, not to play or eat.

You can place your hands on their chest to calm them or you can also put a pillow on their chest. But don’t choose the heavy one to avoid sudden infant death syndrome.

Putting pillows on the side or chest will make your baby feel like you are still there with them. This will break the sleep association and help them ease separation anxiety and help your kids to learn to self-soothe.

  • Put Your Sleepy Baby To Bed

This bedtime routine is one of those which you should start at an early age when your baby is 6-12 weeks old. Soothe your babies till they feel sleepy or drowsy and when they are on the verge of sleep, put them in the bed. And letting them drift off on their own, waiting for them to fall asleep in your arms could become a struggle to get rid of later in their life. This thing will teach your baby to self-soothe and you don’t need to rock/cuddle whenever they wake up during the night.

  • Develop A Rhythm

Sleeping patterns differ with different ages of children, for example, newborns tend to sleep more, and they need an average of 16 hours of sleep in a day. And by the age of 3 to 4 months, they sleep 5 hours of sleep at a time. But sleeping patterns may differ and it is hard to make a rhythm because, during the first year, their sleeping patterns change. But on average, most babies sleep for about 10 hours each night and sometimes even more. And if you buy bedding for your kids by redeeming the PatPat UK discount code, then your baby will sleep more comfortably on soft sheets.

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