Is it possible to find out who has viewed your Instagram profile?

Is it possible to find out who has viewed your Instagram profile?

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November 24, 2021

Knowing who has seen your Instagram profile may be an insignificant detail for many users or, some others will think of this as simple curiosity. However, the truth is that knowing the level of visibility of your profile serves not only to measure the reach of your publications but also the way in which they perform with the Instagram algorithm. Many users have even started buying Instagram Likes to reach more people and optimize how their profile performs.

All Instagram users will be able to see who the people are who have seen their stories, but in terms of profile visits, this information is much more limited, even in business accounts that, although they have different meters and statistics, only allows us to know how many people have reached our profile.

We should not be fooled by how limited this information seems. Although we do not know specifically who enters our profile -yet-, knowing that sees your Instagram stories or how many people visit your profile can be an excellent indicator of how much your reach is evolving over the weeks.

And best of all: You can measure it without installing any application or giving your information to an additional page!

Does Instagram let you know who visits my profile?

These days we all want to know everything at all times, so imagining that someone can see our profile and not know unless they leave a few likes or comments can be frustrating.

If you have a business Instagram account, you will surely have noticed the statistics section , which shows quite detailed information about your followers, how many people discover your profile and interact with your publications, but the list of visitors is still hidden (although we can see how many are weekly). Although it is a common need expressed by many users, Instagram seems reluctant to offer this information, so we will have to settle for the information it already offers us.

What you can do: Know who sees your stories!

With its most recent update, Instagram not only lets you know how many of your followers have seen your stories, but it also shows you a list of each of these views.

The Instagram Stories feature has caused a stir since it was implemented and has allowed many users to know who the people are who are watching your content beyond the interactions. Look who sees my story.

Here’s how you can let know who sees your stories:

  • Post a story – photo or video
  • Wait a few minutes and open it.
  • Swipe up.
  • Tap the visualizations icon (the eye)
  • Check the list of people who have seen your stories.

By swiping up on a story you will have several options in addition to being able to see the list of users who have seen it. From left to right these are:

  • Statistics
  • Visualizations
  • Promote
  • Save history
  • Upload story to your profile.
  • Delete history.

If you publish several stories you will be able to see how many people continue to see them as they progress, and you will even be able to see the interactions that your followers have with the stories you publish in the statistics option of each one of them.

Can I know who visits my profile with my stories?

As we mentioned a few lines ago: There is no exact way to know who specifically visits your profile.

However, stories are great for getting a general idea of ​​this. By looking at the list of your stories and comparing it with the interactions, you will be able to know how many users from that list have visited your profile thanks to that specific story.

Even, depending on how determined you are in knowing who visits your profile and the number of views, you could identify which of the users see your stories without being followers.

What good is it to know who sees my Instagram stories or how many users see my profile?

If your Instagram account is exclusively personal, this may not seem important.

However, if you have a business or personal brand with a presence on Instagram – and you should, especially after 2020 – these numbers are very valuable.

In the digital world and content marketing, it is vital to know your audience. Not just knowing demographic details like age ranges or location (which are important too), but knowing how they respond to your content. And while Instagram Stories were underrated in their early days, they have proven to be a powerful tool for business accounts to connect with their audience. You can measure it not only with reactions or direct responses to each of your stories but also by seeing how their views and statistics evolve as you follow your content plan.

This information lets you know what content your users enjoy. And this applies to all types of accounts that seek to monetize their presence on social networks: business accounts, business accounts, or personal brands.

If you want to grow in networks, you must analyze the statistics and this includes those provided by your stories and the number of users who visit your profile. Stories are even an indicator of how the Instagram algorithm responds to the content you are posting and this, in turn, defines the visualizations that it will have. This is a reciprocal relationship: The more views, the algorithm marks your stories as the content of interest and shows it to more users.

Posting content of interest in your stories will generate more views and will do wonders with the engagement of your profile. If you want to give it an extra push, you can buy visits on Instagram stories in to optimize the engagement of your profile.

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