5 Killer Strategies To Increase Audience Engagement In TikTok

5 Killer Strategies To Increase Audience Engagement In TikTok

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November 17, 2021

TikTok whirls around people, tempting them to make short-form videos about 15-60 seconds long. Beijing technology-based company ByteDance owns TikTok. TikTok got its exposure in 2016 because of its prevalence to the trends. However, the fundamental part of driving people to your website is strong content in the form of video. You must create authentic content by examining all the dos and don’ts. From the start of the covid pandemic, social media has grown in massive usage as every person resides at home for work.

5 Killer Strategies To Increase Audience Engagement In TikTok

The following can be helpful strategies to gain engagement among the set of people. They are:

  • Promote Your Hashtag Challenges

The difference between brand hashtags and common hashtags varies accordingly. Brand owners ask you to perform some tasks in branded hashtag challenges and tag them using specific hashtags. At the same time, normal ones can choose which hashtags have trended.

  • Why Must You Use Hashtags?

When you require content visibility, you can get used to hashtag challenges. Hashtags are the ones that can gain you visibility and quickly help the users to reach your content. A person searching for a specific topic can use relevant hashtags to direct you to the content they want to discover.

  • How To Create Your Own Branded Hashtags?

Brand hashtags are essential to increasing visibility, but creating your own can shine up the marketing campaign. A brand-related video can increase TikTok followers and views to provide a positive experience on products with audience interaction. Customers who bought your product can use the hashtags to benefit them.

  • Share Behind Scenes

Sharing behind the scene videos helps people to get connected more with you. Suppose you are the one trying to promote a brand or business, show behind-the-scenes videos. Adding behind the scenes is a healthy way to build relationships with your followers and increase engagement. It might include daily schedules which take place in a company.

Considering you run a business, the attributes involved may be captured in it. They might be employees, a team, or the workspace. Make use of providing day-to-day schedules you go through in your life. You can quote it as a day in my life. These types of videos can be funnier. When you shoot the entire video, you come with some funny bloopers. Such bloopers can be used as a basement tool for funnier content.

  • Persistent Posts

Once you are on TikTok, develop the habit of stability. When you make a series of progressions and steps, you need the patience to see your result here. Consistency and frequency are the two factors that determine the ability to withstand this platform. Only these keep the audience’s attention better with people and make them watch your videos.

If you are looking for a considerable amount of likes for your content, post frequently. Posting 3 to 4 times a day is much more effective for the content. But, clarify the quality of the content is greater than the quantity of it. You can even provide videos with different content, which receives significant engagement.

  • Implement Q and A Feature

TikTok launched this new Q and A feature in March 2021. Where this feature now is available only in the TikTok creators account. It is displayed on the profile under the bio section. In Q&A, people ask queries regarding their interests and get clarified in terms of a response.

  • Live stream Option

Going live is an everyday thing that provides real connectivity. Live viewers are always able to post the comments and can even like the video when one is speaking up. Live streams can be provided for more stages. One of the big stages is live shopping. Here, you order specific products you are interested in and collect them via delivery.

  • Add CTA’s In Content

This is an effective way to connect your audience in the form of interaction by wanting them to do what you prefer. Brands can use these ad formats to attract an audience. TikTok ad formats can help brand advertisers who seek influencer campaigns.

They are used in three ways:

  1. The CTA button is the base one that links marketers and influencers who post the video. Here, TikTok splits the ad revenues supporting their innovative efforts.
  2. CTA advertising is available to a group of advertisers and agencies. There is no term which connects sharing with creators.
  3. The new ad format can capture revenues for sponsored content of influencers with the help of advertisers.


Businesses focus on building a better social engagement that meets a high marketing strategy and ROI. Create viral content to effectively bring people towards your content. A small video is more than enough because the audience may loop it if they are interested in it.  Also, bring out brand awareness using the following nine points, which could help you in building a great engagement among the audience.

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