How To Create A Content Strategy As A Content Marketing Agency

How To Create A Content Strategy As A Content Marketing Agency

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May 29, 2022

Content lies at the heart of content marketing and thus content creation is the most important part of it. Needless to say, just like any other thing, content creation needs a lot of planning and strategy. So, if you want to create content as a content marketing agency, first you have to create a kick-ass content strategy for the web.

In this article, we will know all about an effective content strategy you need to create if you are running a content marketing agency.

How To Create A Content Strategy As A Content Marketing Agency

Identify Your Objective

As a content marketing agency, the first thing you should know before creating a content strategy is your why. Why do you want to create a content strategy for the web? There is no right or wrong answer. Lead generation to improving customer experience – anything can be your objective. Whatever objectives you have, make sure they’re futuristic and aligned with the goal and persona of your brand. Don’t get entangled in too many objectives. Rather list 3-to 5 of them, plan accordingly and act on them.

What’s your itch?

After you are crystal clear with your objective, you have to know how you want to be presented to your customers or your potential customers.

  • How do you want them to know you?
  • Which characteristic of your brand do you want to highlight?
  • How do you want to stand out?

Ask these questions to yourself to create a distinct image in the mind of your audience as a content marketing agency. The more detailed answers you get to these questions, the more seamless your process of creating a content strategy will be.

Identify Your Top 5 customers

Once I asked a brand, “Which customer segment do you intend to serve?”

They answered, “everyone.”

Well, if you are trying to cater to everybody, you’ll end up being confused and your content strategy will be futile. So, do your market research and know who wants to buy from you? Who is interested in your product, mission, and vision?

There can be several sets of audiences who will buy from you. Identify the Top 5 of them to study their behavior.

For example, if you are a children’s diaper company, your target set of customers can be, parents would-be parents, grandparents, nursing homes and hospitals, etc.

What does your audience want?

After you are done knowing who your audience is, you have to know what they want. Every set of customers has some or other pain point regarding every product and as a content marketing agency, it’s your job to solve those problems and showcase them as your strength.

A set of audiences might have many pain points. List them out and leverage them to showcase your brand as a problem solver.

For example, previously people had a problem getting their food delivered to their doorstep. Many restaurants did deliver at customers’ doorstep but they couldn’t market it as much as Zomato or Swiggy did.

So, the bottom line, identify what your audience wants, solve them and market them as much as possible. That’s the holy grail right there if you are a content marketing agency.

Create a Content Calendar

Creating a content calendar is an underrated tactic to create a content strategy for the web. No matter how analytical you get with the target audience, their needs, and pain points, if you don’t post content according to that consistently, that content strategy remains of no use. So, a content calendar is crucial for creating a content strategy. Create a daily, weekly, and monthly calendar and post content accordingly.

So, this was all about creating a content strategy for the web. I hope you’ll implement them and bring great results.

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