How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program?

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program?

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February 16, 2022

The process to begin online affiliate marketing is fairly simple. We’ve provided seven steps to help you get going.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program?

  • Step 1: Set Your Goals

Each successful Instagram marketing campaign starts with clear objectives Understanding what you’re trying to achieve will set the foundation for selecting the affiliates most successful in helping you meet your dreams and how many affiliates you’ll wish to collaborate with.

Your goals will also dictate the important metrics (KPIs) you’ll need to keep track of to can determine if your marketing campaign is working or if you have to make changes as you go along.

The most likely aim is to increase sales. If so, figure out the current deals and where you would like them to be at the close of the campaign. An example of a quantifiable sales goal would be “Increase sales by 5% within 60 days.

Other goals could also be important for you. Purposes related to directly or indirectly linked to helping you to increase sales via affiliate marketing include:

Rates of conversion (click-throughs) from affiliate hyperlinks

Earnings per Click (EPC) for affiliate hyperlinks

  • Earning per Lead (EPL) of affiliate hyperlinks
  • Affiliates influence the average order amount (AOV)
  • Unique affiliate sales rates
  • Percentage of impressions that are achieved
  • Leads generated by affiliate links
  • Web traffic
  • Open rates for email
  • Percentage of affiliates who are active
  • Step 2: Pick Your Channels

The channel you select to advertise your brand should be based on your target market.

Here are a few instances of Affiliate Marketing Channels that you can select from:

Social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn offer a wide audience and numerous social media influencers who are eager to promote your business. Social media influencers embed your affiliate links inside their posts.

YouTube creators create videos that help viewers understand your product or brand. They may also mention your company’s name during the film’s duration. They also include affiliate links within the video description that viewers can click to access.

Blogs are an integral element in affiliate marketing. Bloggers write content and then place hyperlinks to your products or services in them to encourage users to click on and learn more about or purchase. Collaboration with bloggers who produce engaging content that is SEO-friendly can increase traffic to your website.

Bloggers commonly utilize email newsletters to provide frequently updated content to their followers. In addition, by including affiliate links in their newsletters, your company gets more exposure to a specific group of people.

Affiliate marketing websites like Commission Junction, Click Bank, and Amazon Associates are set up exclusively to promote products for a fee. The site offers a wide range of companies providing products and services.

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It also provides consumers with what they are looking for through its search options. Adding your company to the list could increase the number of people interested in your products and increase clicks on your website’s product pages.

  • Step 3: Create Your System

This is where you’ll choose how your affiliate marketing campaign will be conducted, along with the terms and conditions of your campaign. Next, write down a list of rules and guidelines for your affiliates to adhere to so that they can adhere to the policies of your brand’s style and voice.

However, it’s crucial to allow your affiliate to endorse your business naturally. The people they serve will want authentic information from them and not just sales material.

Consider the amount of time you’ll let affiliate marketing cookies stay in use. This will determine the length of time that you’ll charge your affiliate for the sale once a customer clicks the affiliate link.

In most cases, affiliates prefer to advertise lead magnets instead of direct visitors to an online sales page.

Lead magnets are an incentive marketers offer prospective clients in return for email addresses. This is an excellent way to create leads and increase an email subscriber list.


  • Free PDFs
  • E-books
  • Quizzes
  • White papers
  • Templates
  • Any downloaded content

Certain brands would prefer to simplify their affiliate marketing with a specifically designed platform to handle affiliates. Examples of affiliate software are Infusionsoft, Tapfiliate, ShareASale, and Post Affiliate Pro.

A platform can help in the process of recruiting affiliates, setting commission rates, making payments, and analyzing your campaign’s data.

  • Step 4: Determine Your Commission Structure

Your commission structure must appeal to affiliates and be cost-effective for your budget. For example, you may choose to pay a fixed amount per sale or make a percentage payment per sale; however, the latter is the choice of many affiliates, and it is more beneficial for your budgeting.

Some of the factors that could aid you in determining the commission rate are:

  • Costs of production and the selling price for your item or product
  • The commission rates that your competitors offer affiliates

How much does it typically cost your company to gain an additional customer?

The proportion of customers you keep each year.

What is the amount of revenue that each customer is typically bringing?

In addition to calculating your commission rate, determine if you’ll offer incentives for affiliates. For example, first-sale incentives can help affiliates join your program, and performance tier bonuses could motivate affiliates to keep up their efforts and the quality of their content.

  • Step 5: Find Your Affiliates

The best methods for finding affiliates are through networking or research and affiliate marketing sites. Check out the following examples of naturally looking for mates and see what works best for you:

Include a description of the affiliate program you have on your website. Utilize those customers you already have and set up an incentive program for referrals.

Check out the forums for your industry and the affiliate marketing websites.

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