How to Use Instagram Video Ads to Grow Your Business

How to Use Instagram Video Ads to Grow Your Business

Written by Alison Lurie, In Marketing, Published On
February 21, 2022

Social media has evolved into a significant benefit for business owners. What started as a photo and video sharing app, Instagram now serves as an advertisement platform for a wide range of sellers. All businesses know that effective advertising can significantly boost their sales. Instagram video ads are a handy tool available that everyone can utilize.

Moreover, Instagram has a daily active user count of 500 million. Thousands of these users can be targeted and converted into customers. You can do this through value-adding ads. All you need is an Instagram Business Account, and you will be all ready to skyrocket your sales!

What you need to set up Instagram video ads

Instagram Video Ads

Since Instagram is a product of Meta, the easiest way to set up an ad is through Meta’s Ad Manager. To get there, you will have to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to your Page.
  • Navigate to the Manage Page Panel.
  • Click on the AdCenter drop-down arrow.
  • Choose All ads.
  • Click on the Ads Manager given at the bottom of the page.

After these steps are completed, you will be asked to name your campaign. You can also choose how you wish your ad to be shown on Instagram. You will be presented with a list of objectives for which you want to use an ad. You are also given the placement options, e.g., stories, feed, etc. All you need to do is tick off the objective and where you want to place that objective.

Below are the options available:

  • Brand awareness and reach
  • Traffic and video views
  • Engagement
  • App installs, lead generation, and messages
  • Conversions and catalog sales
  • Store traffic

Best video ad practices

Once you have set up your Instagram video ads, you need to focus on creating your ads. You can create video ads for Instagram using ad maker tools. Keep in mind your ad should promote the conversion of viewers into customers. Below are some of the best video ad tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Keep in mind ad specs:

Instagram provides businesses and creators with different platforms to put out their content. While creating your ads, you must have a clear vision of which platform you will be posting the ad on. Keep in mind the ad specs of the platform you are using, such as duration, resolution, visibility, and ratio.

  • Optimize content for mobile:

Instagram is a mobile platform which is why most of the features provided by Instagram are either vertical or square. Creating a horizontal video ad for your business on Instagram will only fail. This is because the content would not be optimized for mobile.

Along with the dimension, ensure the design of your video ad is optimized for mobile phones. So, the content seems neither too large nor too small.

  • Don’t beat around the bush:

It would be best to have a storyline to attract customers and invest in your business. However, too much storytelling can result in your potential customer swiping you right off their screen. You need to tell a story, yet you need to keep it to the point.

It is recommended that you use the brand name in the first 3 seconds of your video. Keep the ad short and crisp. So, it both relates to the customers and sells your products.

  • Add value to captions:

Most video ads are short, so you don’t get to add much information there. However, you can do this in your captions. Your captions can easily help you gain more interest and make the potential customers stay longer. Just remember to add valuable content to your captions. You should also add relevant hashtags.

Aside from that, you can also use video subtitles to keep the viewers engaged and make your ad more interactive.

  • All eyes on your competition:

Well, your competitors are not your enemies if you consider them as resources. Your competitors can be one of your most significant opportunities to learn and improve. Keep your eyes on a business similar to you that is doing better.

Constantly reviewing their activities will let you know where you are falling behind. Moreover, there is no better way to understand what is selling more than your competitor’s business.

  • Be you:

What you are selling may not be unique; other businesses may offer the same products/services. So, why should the customer choose you? The answer is that while your product has copies, you do not.

What you essentially need to do is stand out. Make a mark on your viewers and ensure that they remember you. Adding personality to your business and your ads will only make it stand out more.

  • Solve a problem:

You need to solve a problem no matter what product/service you are selling. If not solve a problem, add value to your customer’s life. In one way or another, your product/service needs to be beneficial to the customer.

So, you need to ask yourself what purpose does your business serve. Moreover, this will also help you find your target audience. Further, your video ad should address the problem your business solves or the purpose it serves.

  • Show up consistently:

Lastly, you need to show up consistently. To sell more, you need to be present more. To make a mark, you need to remind others that you exist. When it comes to social media, consistency is the key.

Back your video ads with interactive stories and posts. Also, remember to engage with your customers. Do not forget other businesses while doing so. Instagram is a “social” media app, after all.


Setting up your first Instagram video ad will require patience and effort, but you would thank yourself for it. Make sure you remember the tips mentioned above. Apart from the tips mentioned, Instagram is a vast landscape full of inspiration. All you need to do is look. So, focus on your content, remain consistent, and build your dream customer base!

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