Secret Ways To Naturally Increase Instagram Followers

Secret Ways To Naturally Increase Instagram Followers

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October 8, 2021

If you’ve been using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to grow your audience and market your business, Instagram is an excellent addition.

Instagram is a social networking platform that enables users to communicate with others through photographs taken with your smartphone. You upload an image from your phone to Instagram, apply a filter, and share it. Additionally, you can share the images of other Instagram users and comment and like them.

What makes Instagram a virtual social network to use as a marketing channel is 300 million active monthly users. Additionally, Instagram engagement is seven times that of Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, because you cannot include clickable links in your posts and only in your profile section, Instagram is not saturated with marketing messages.

There Are Numerous Methods For Acquiring Instagram Followers

  • First Secret:

To begin, customize your Instagram account to make it more follow-worthy. That is, ensure that your bio is complete and that you have a profile picture. Additionally, your bio should include a call to action, directing visitors to your sales funnel. For instance, if you sell insurance and your funnel begins with a complimentary phone consultation, include a call to action such as the following:

Then, to increase your Instagram followers, consistently publish unique, interesting, or fun images. On Instagram, images of people without filters are more prevalent. Photographs of people without filters are more popular on Instagram, as people crave authenticity. The point to consider here is that you’d need to include popular but relevant Instagram Hashtags in your posts to reach the appropriate audience.

  • The Second Secret

Like and comment on other people’s Instagram photos. Instagram users gravitate toward those who are the most active. Thus, the more you engage with other users’ content, the more followers you’ll gain. Additionally, when you interact with other users’ content, a clickable link to your profile is displayed alongside the post for everyone to see. The trick is to engage with popular and relevant content for your target audience. For instance, if you’re a nutritionist looking to grow a following of people interested in improving their nutrition, you can type “nutrition.” into the search box to find relevant and popular content to engage with.

  • Third Secret

The third Secret is to use Follow me. gg, one of the best tools for acquiring genuine Instagram followers, likes, and views. Their platform enables you to follow people to reclaim lost followers. The marketplace rapidly grows your account and is completely free to use. FollowMe employs advanced security to prevent bot access, ensuring the account’s integrity.

No private information is required; all that would be needed is your Instagram username. Their team checks manually to ensure that people do not unfollow you later, and they ban accounts without profile pictures or with lengthy names by performing a complete check on new users. Their tool is advantageous if you’re looking for a simple way to grow your Instagram following.

  • Fourth Secret

The fourth Secret is to observe people. The more people you follow, also more followers you’ll gain, as most people reciprocate. By following a few people each day, you can expect 20% to 30% of them to follow you back, assuming your account is worthy of being followed in the first place!

  • Fifth Secret

The fifth Secret is to host competitions. If your giveaway is unique and has a high perceived value, there is a good chance that significantly more people than usual will want to follow you and enter the competition. Additionally, high-value competitions are more likely to be shared than standard posts, allowing you to benefit from “word-of-mouth” marketing.

  • Sixth Secret

The sixth Secret is to promote your Instagram account offline, via business cards or flyers, online, other social media platforms, or even by sending an email invitation to your email database. Additionally, including an Instagram widget on your website and a Facebook page will help promote your account even more.

  • Seventh Secret

The seventh Secret to growing your Instagram following is to tag people in your photos when appropriate. When you do, these images will appear in the newsfeeds of the people you’ve tagged, increasing your account’s exposure and potentially growing your following.

  • The Eight Secret:

When publishing your images, use specific Hashtags. When the hashtags #FF (short for “Follow Friday”) and #instafollow are used, users see an increase in followers.

  • Ninth secret

The Ninth Secret Create Genuinely Shareable Content. The influence of authenticity on Instagram is enormous — and we predict it will grow even more.

Creating genuine, viral content is some of the best techniques for reaching a wider audience. On Instagram, posting content is one of the most effective methods of spreading your message. Instagram Stories and direct messages allow users to share content from their feeds.

When you establish a relationship with your followers, they may feel compelled to share your content with their community of followers.

Because the Instagram algorithm favours posts with a high level of engagement, when your posts are shared, they will appear higher in people’s feeds. Additionally, if a post receives sufficient engagement, it may be featured on the Explore Page. Howdy, new subscribers!

Because the simple act of sharing can significantly impact your brand or business, it’s effort and time well spent creating shared (authentic) content.

  • The Tenth Secret:

Reels, Instagram’s newest video feature that takes up most of the new main navigation bar, allows users to create up to 30-second video clips set to music.

With Instagram’s decision to prioritize Instagram Reels, there is a significant push for users to browse and share Reels more frequently.

As with TikTok videos, Instagram Reels have the potential to go viral. Users will now see Reels from all accounts rather than seeing Reels from only the accounts they follow.

Posting your Reel both on your feed and the Browse Page is an excellent way to reach far beyond your followers — and possibly go viral!

Most Useful TIP

Schedule time for Instagram activity! Together with replying to comments and private messages, remember to engage with the accounts you follow and those with similar audiences. There is a good chance that their followers will look you up!

When you come across a post that you truly enjoy, leave a comment! Additionally, your comment may be pinned, making it easily visible to hundreds of new followers.

Additionally, engaging with other accounts indicates that you have a “relationship” with the Instagram algorithm. This will aid in the visibility of your account in related and suggested account suggestions.

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