Form 3+ by Formlabs: Redefining Precision in 3D Printing

Form 3+ by Formlabs: Redefining Precision in 3D Printing

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December 4, 2023

The Formlabs Form 3+ is a printer that delivers excellent model quality with a full SLA workflow solution. It uses USB, and a Wi-fi connection to deliver clear models. The technology used has been enhanced. It uses LFS technology for print quality which makes its print clear. It is an expensive printer and in this article, we look at if it is worth its salt. We also learned how easy it is to set up.

Specification for Formlabs 3+ Printer

Specifications Description
Brand ‎Formlabs
Manufacturer ‎Formlabs
Country of Origin ‎USA
Number of Memory Sticks ‎1
Item part number ‎8477
Connectivity Technology ‎Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Hardware Interface Type ‎Ethernet
Date First Available 17 November 2020
Printer Model Form 3+
Technology LFS
XY Resolution 25 microns
Laser Spot Sizes 85 micron
Laser Power One 250mW
Build Volume 5.7 x 5.7 x 7.3 in
Layer Thickness 25-300 microns
Resin Cartridge 1
Biocompatible Materials No

LFS Technology and Print Quality

Form 3+ by Formlabs

The Formlabs Form 3+ printer uses LFS technology which is low-force stereolithography technology. It lets the printer deliver excellent print quality to its models. The laser is clear and precise which makes a uniform cut of spot size 85 microns for the whole printing surface. The models are concise and detailed because of this high-quality laser and low force used.

Touch Support-

The printer has a light touch support structure. It means that the printer can be dissembled from the print in a few seconds. It lets the printer detach from the parts very quickly leaving them to merge with the model. It is a structure that saves post-processing time. This is an enhanced feature of the Formlabs Form 3+ printer


Form 3+ by Formlabs

The Formlabs Form 3+ printer offers the best reliability in the printing world. It ensures that the first print becomes the final print as well. It tries to give you the best first part which means it has to have an amazing print quality. It focuses on all the details at once so it saves you time and builds trust as well.

Material Range-

The Fomlabs Form 3+ printer can print a variety of materials it has taken a step towards self-reliance by offering a wide range of materials to be printed. It can print flexible, dyeable, and biocompatible material. Not just that it can also print bio-safe materials. It does not shy away from the challenge of providing all industry-level material print at one cost.

Saving Time

Form 3+ by Formlabs

The Formlabs Form 3+ printer is designed to save time. It aims to give you continuity in your work flow. It goes for hassle-free material management like the need to only use 1 resin. It is built with intuitive software and powerful automation tools.

Pros and Cons of Formlabs Form 3+ Printer

Pros Cons
It can print fast It is an expenworkflowter
It gives high-quality results It cannot use third-party resins
It has wi-fi support It uses expensive resins
It has a built-in-scale It is difficult to remove the printed models
It has lots of bio-safe material available It needs a lot of isopropyl alcohol

How to install Formlabs Form 3+ printer?

The installation process of the Formlabs Form 3+ printer is quite straightforward:

  • Unwrap the printer by removing all the packaging material
  • Unlock the LPU which is the Lightening Processing Unit by releasing the LPU housing latch
  • Connect the printer to a power socket using the power cord.
  • Follow the steps as displayed on the printer’s touchscreen
  • Insert the resin tank and mixer into the printer
  • Build a platform and add ink cartridges to the printer
  • After the consumables are inserted turn the printer on
  • The printer is set and ready to use


The Formlabs Form 3+ is a 3D printer that is made keeping in mind the fast-increasing demand for 3D models in this world. It provides a fast experience without compromising on the print quality. Equipped with features like LFS technology and light touch support structure, it has thought about converting the 3d printing experience that is usually undetched and slow into an enjoyable experience with good print quality and saving time. Its attention to better model delivery is commendable and worth the money spent.


  • What is the price of a Formlabs Form 3+ printer?

The Formlabs Form 3+ printer is priced at INR 4,75,000 on Amazon in India.

  • Why choose Formlabs Form 3+ printer for 3D printing?

The Formlabs Form 3+ 3d printer is an upgrade in the 3d printer world giving you a fast and better printing experience. It has cleaner and more detailed models when printing.

  • Is the Formlabs Form 3+ printer easy to set up?

Yes, the Formlabs Form 3+ printer is easy to set up with just a few steps.

  • How can I connect my Formlabs Form 3+ printer?

The Formlabs Form 3+ printer can be connected to the computer through Wi-Fi, ethernet, or a USB.

  • Does the Formlabs Form 3+ printer have A Customer Support Service?

Yes, the Formlabs Form 3+ printer has very good and responsive customer service.

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