Pitneyship Cube -A One-Stop Shipping Solution By Pitney Bowes

Pitneyship Cube -A One-Stop Shipping Solution By Pitney Bowes

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December 4, 2023

A three-in-one shipping dream, PitneyShip Cube is a shipping label printer. Developed by Pitney Bowes, it is best for businesses. It has a compact design and is an all-in-one printer that accepts commands from different sources. The best part is that the PitneyShip Cube can be used with a smartphone. In this article, we will look at its features and how easily we can set it up.

Specification for PitneyShip Cube

Specifications  Description
Compatible Devices Smartphones
Control Method App
Controller Type iOS
Special Feature Wireless
Printing Technology Thermal
Printer Output Monochrome
Print media Labels
Duplex Automatic
Item Weight 5.09 Kilograms


Pitney Bowes PitneyShip Cube Review

The PitneyShip Cube printer is made to save space. It can seamlessly work in a compact corner with its clam-shell design. The labels are held inside the device so they can be easily batch-printed and shipped. It also easily imports customers’ orders which makes it the best in business. Its small design saves space on the desk. It can be kept anywhere, in a cabinet on a corner, on a desk, or on a shelf.

Smart Printer

The PitneyShip Cube is a smart printer that is Wi-Fi enabled. It is accessible through software to print labels. Accepting commands from your smartphone makes it an all-in-one printer. The label printer also has built-in scales that allow you to weigh packages as well. All these features ensure its place in the list of smart label printers. It also comes with free access to thirty days of PitneyShip Software to use which makes shipping extremely simple.


Pitney Bowes PitneyShip Cube Review

The PitneyShip Cube printer does not just save space but also gets you discounts. Using its companion software and app lets you connect to sites like Amazon, and eBay. You can get the best discounts available from the USPS AND UPS without any minimum volume requirement. This allows you to save money when you print and ship labels. It not only proves to be an investment but also a way to save more money.


Pitney Bowes PitneyShip Cube Review

The PitneyShip Cube has style with its rounded corner cube exterior. It has a gray top where you can weigh the orders and packages. At a 4.9-pound weight, the printer is quite sturdy. It is large from the inside to hold a 4.5-inch diameter label roll. It also boasts a rare feed slot that accepts labels from the back of the printer even in stacks or as large rolls.

Pros and Cons of PitneyShip Cube

Pros  Cons
It can print stamps It is difficult to find documentation
It works with the PitneyShip web app to print and manage labels It only gets integrated with Amazon,eBay, and Shopify
It has a wi-fi support It can only be controlled with iOs.
It has a built-in digital scale It is only compatible with smartphones

How to set up PitneyShip Cube?

According to the PitneyShip Cube User Guide, you can set up the PitneyShip Cube by following the below given steps:

  • Open and Unpack– Open the box and unpack the printer. Remove the protective scale spacers and tape.
  • Place and Connect– Place the printer near a power socket and connect it to the power source.
  • Power on– Press the power button till the LED light turns orange and then change to flashing white.
  • USB– connect the USB to the printer and PC.
  • Log in– After setting up log in to your PitneyShip account
  • Download– Press the Get Started button and download the DeviceHub and PitneyShip Cube Driver.
  • Installation– Follow the steps given on the downloaded software and then click on the next
  • Print– now your printer is set up and you are ready to print.

Verdict for PitneyShip Cube

The PitneyShip Cube is a wireless label printer that reduces time and effort. It has a built-in scale and wifi support. Though it can only be controlled with iOS it can integrate with Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. The label cutter makes for clean cutting and saving effort, reprinting, and brand image by extension. It is quick to use and easy to set up when you follow the given guide.


  • What is the price of a PitneyShip cube?

The PitneyShip cube printer is priced at INR 22,418 on Amazon in India.

  • What is PitneyShip Software?

The PitneyShip Cube has a special Pitney software that makes shipping simple. The software lets you choose your perfect plan when setting up the printer. It lets you enjoy complimentary access for 30 days.

  • What system is compatible with PitneyShip Cube?

The PitneyShip Cube can only be controlled with iOS.

  • Can I use PitneyShip Cube with a laptop?

No, the printer PitneyShip Cube is only compatible with smartphones. It can not be used with a laptop or computer.

  • Is PitneyShip Cube wireless?

Yes, the PitneyShip Cube is a wireless printer. It can be connected to your smartphone with the PitneyShip Software wirelessly.

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