Where To Watch Interstellar

Where To Watch Interstellar

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November 15, 2023

Find out where to stream Interstellar online for free. This 2067 film depicts humanity’s demise from ecocide. A group led by Joseph Cooper explores a wormhole near Saturn. Save humanity from extinction? Following some simple procedures, you may stream this movie online.

Watch and stream Interstellar where?

Interstellar streams on Paramount Plus. The Paramount Plus subscription allows streaming of this Christopher Nolan film. Matthew McConaughey plays Joseph Cooper; Anne Hathaway plays Dr. Amelia Brand; Jessica Chastain plays Murphy Cooper; Bill Irwin plays TARS; Michael Caine plays Professor John Brand; John Lithgow plays Donald; David Gyasi plays Romilly; Wes Bentley plays Doyle; Casey Affleck plays Tom Cooper; Matt Damon plays Mann; Josh Stewart plays CASE; Topher Grace plays Getty; Leah Cairns plays Lois; David Oyelowo is the School Principal; Collette Wolfe plays Ms.

How about Interstellar?

Let’s start simple. Christopher Nolan directed the 2014 science-fiction epic Interstellar, starring Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, John Lithgow, and Michael Caine. In a future where a dying Earth threatens humanity’s extinction, a team of NASA scientists, engineers, and pilots will fly interplanetary to discover a new habitable planet. Empire’s 5-star review is here.

Movie Plot

Unsurprisingly, Nolan’s most famous films are the last four on this box office ranking. Christopher Nolan’s box office success is best shown in 2014’s Interstellar. The nearly three-hour space epic explores love and humanity’s future. Today’s companies don’t randomly green-light films like that, and they won’t appeal to mass audiences. Nolan’s fame thrust Interstellar into the stars. Without Nolan, the film might have languished. Ad Astra, released in 2019, had a similar narrative and scale but only grossed $127 million worldwide.

Two other factors contributed to Interstellar’s success: it was Christopher Nolan’s first film after his massively successful Dark Knight trilogy, so people were curious to see what else he could do; and it was a truly outstanding film with great word of mouth. Interstellar performed similarly domestically to Dunkirk three years later. It started at $47 million and reached $188 million in the US and Canada. Interstellar was more successful internationally than Dunkirk. The Matthew McConaughey space epic grossed $489 million internationally, bringing its theatrical total to $677 million. But Interstellar’s popularity has only grown since then. Re-releases in China, South Korea, and Australia in 2020 and 2021 have raised the film’s box office gross to $716 million.

How to watch Interstellar online?

Watching and streaming the sci-fi movie above requires Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus has two subscription tiers. Ad-supported Paramount Plus Essential costs $5.99 per month. A $59.99 annual plan is reduced. You may also choose Paramount Plus Premium Showtime for $11.99 a month without advertising.

The official Interstellar synopsis: “The tale of a group of explorers who use a newly discovered wormhole to overcome human space travel’s limitations and cross interstellar distances.”

Prime Video and Paramount+ Stream Interstellar

Prime Video and Paramount+ subscribers can access Interstellar. The 2014 PG-13 picture runs nearly three hours, as usual for Nolan. The epic plot of the astronauts’ interdimensional trip explains the longer runtime. Prime and Paramount+ are the most popular Interstellar streaming providers, but there are more. MGM+ (previously Epix), Amazon’s sister service to Prime Video, streams Interstellar. MGM+ subscribers can watch Interstellar anytime without paying extra. Basic cable subscribers can watch Interstellar on FX during traditional airings or on FXNow, a network app with live broadcasts and on-demand content. However, certain smaller apps and services may display advertising.

Interstellar may be rented or bought: platforms and cost breakdown


Interstellar is available to rent or buy on multiple platforms, in addition to streaming. The movie has been released for nearly a decade, so prices are lower than Nolan’s latest films. However, Interstellar’s visuals are great, so renting or buying HD or 4K may be ideal.

Here are the platforms where people can rent or buy Interstellar:

  • Microsoft Store: $2.99 SD rental, $12.99 4K buy
  • Apple TV: $3.99 (4K) rental; $14.99 buy.
  • Amazon: $3.99 (4K) rental, $9.99 HD purchase.
  • Google Play: $3.99 (4K) rental, $9.99 HD buy.
  • YouTube: $3.99 (4K) rental, $9.99 HD buy
  • VUDU: $3.99 (4K) rental, $14.99 (4K) purchase.
  • Redbox: $3.99 HD rental; $14.99 HD purchase
  • DirecTV: $3.99 (4K) rental, $14.99 purchase.
  • AMC Theatres On Demand—$13.99 (HD)
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