Hampta Pass Trek | Heaven at The Earth

Hampta Pass Trek | Heaven at The Earth

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August 18, 2021

The Hampta pass trek is an ideal trek for first-timers.

Hampta Pass Trek | Heaven at The Earth

  • Walking on snowy bridges and passes:

snow bridge

Walking on snow and watching them fall from up above are some of the experiences everyone would have been through. But this is different, here the trekkers get to walk right on the streams which are already covered by ice and snow, and also if they concentrate a little they can even hear the rushing of the water just under their feet. They go one foot deep into this snowy water if trekkers step wrongly on these snows. There would also appear other such wrong marks which would have been made by other trekkers. So patience is a must thing when you take up this trek.

  • Small forests:


A road that is covered by forest on both sides is how Hampta Pass welcomes each and every trekker to their beautiful valley. This forest consists of a variety of trees such as the birch, maple, oak, pine, etc. Camping at this site is also possible with the trees all around and an open starry sky. One would really enjoy the same if they love to do so.

  • Wide ranges of Flowers:


Be it on land or be it on mountains there is a specialty with flowers, it is always beautiful, there is nothing ugly about the same. During this trek, one just has to be very cautious about the steps they make, because this place has amazing wildflowers for them to enjoy. Trekkers just have to name a color they like and they will definitely find it, be it yellow, blue, red, white, pink, and many more.

  • Stream crossing and the Waterbodies:


The Hampta Pass BanBanjara is really famous for stream crossing. Trekkers who would love to do the same will surely enjoy it. This place has more than 10 such streams to cross before ending the trekking journey. Most of these streams are easy to face and the trekker will face them as just a piece of cake. But when it comes to matters of the main 2 streams, they need to walk through it, barefoot, at the wee hours during the day, which will really make their heart stop, brain freeze, and maybe even their souls fly out.

  • Stunning campsite:


Balu ka Ghera and Seya Gora are some of the splendid campsites one can ever experience. Seya Gora of Lahaul valley is the favorite of all trekkers as it offers mountain ranges on all sides, green forests, and also the cold winds blowing around. This place is also covered by a river which makes it a memorable one for all to remember. Camping under an open starry sky and bonfire will add beauty to the trek for the trekkers.

  • Dramatic Passes to be crossed:

If one is fond of crossing a pass, then this place is ideal for the same. You get to cross through different levels of Passes which is actually an adventure that can be enjoyed the most. The Hampta Pass valley is one with a narrow shape. At the bottom is where you could find the white snow. The views this place has to offer are no less than Heaven.

  • Hanging Valley:

On the first day of the trek itself, this valley leaves a spar on the hearts of the trekkers. A walk from the village Jobra into the dense forest will really make it a fun trek. The splendid view of the big rocky mountains will surely steal one’s heart.

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