Ten Best Places to See in Hungary

Ten Best Places to See in Hungary

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July 5, 2022

Hungary lies in Central Europe’s heart, bordered by seven countries. The country boasts stunning baroque architecture and rich history. It has lots of beautiful national parks, lush wine-producing regions, lush forests, beautiful lakes, thick forests, and magnificent churches. Hungary is a country with a unique culture and rich heritage that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

The beauty of Hungary is influenced greatly by its conqueror, as is evident in its amazing culture and architecture. We have recommendations for the best places to see in Hungary if you’re planning on heading to Hungary.

Top 10 Best Places to See in Hungary



Budapest is a popular tourist destination. It was the 25th most visited city in the world two years ago. There were 4.3 million tourists annually. In the first four months of last year, there were 2,000,000 tourists.

Many large-scale projects are underway in Budapest, including the new museum district, Buda castle bazaar, and the Racz baths. The goal is for Budapest to be one of the top 20 global cities. Why is Budapest so beloved? Budapest is a popular destination because of its history and affordability.

According to Foreign forums, Hungarians are more friendly with tourists than other countries in the region. The main attractions include the Danube panorama, which is a World Heritage Site, three Turkish Spas, and one of Europe’s largest spas. 90 museums are also available.

Balaton lake

Balaton lake

Balaton is sometimes called “The Hungarian Sea”. It is the largest lake in Europe and a popular spot for holiday travel. Balaton is a beautiful spot with lots of places to explore, beaches to enjoy, and relaxing spots. It’s worth at least three days.

The 180km route around Lake Balaton Korut is sure to appeal to cyclists. There are two options: the party-oriented south coast of Lake Balaton, or the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the northern.

Balaton is surrounded by many green areas, vineyards, and other interesting objects. The Keszthely palace and Tapolcy cave are among the most fascinating.



This beautiful, crumbling, Keszthelygrand town is located on the west shore of Lake Balaton. It dates back to Roman Empire. History enthusiasts will also love this Hungarian spot.

Apart from the many museums and historical sites scattered throughout the city, the Festetics Palace remains a must-see attraction. The stunning views from here are unbeatable, as is the magnificent baroque palace.

You can take in the historic and cultural stories as well as the natural beauty surrounding the town. Wander in the Balaton Highlands, or under the ancient maple trees of Helikon Park.



Eger is a northern Hungary city that houses a beautiful medieval castle, Baroque architecture, and an Ottoman minaret. This is where you will find the finest red wine in the country. Eger’s rich history dates back to the 10th Century. Even then, the early settlement was a significant place in Hungarian cities. It was later ruled over by the Habsburgs and Ottomans. These rulers are still visible all around the city.

Eger Castle is worth a visit, which was used to repel the Turkish attack during the Siege de Eger in 1552. For the narrow alleyways in the old town, Eger is renowned.

The Eger minaret offers the best views of the entire city. It is 40m high and offers stunning views of the city. The spiral staircase has 97 steps that lead to a 26-meter-high balcony.

The Eger minaret, which dates back to Ottoman rule in Europe, is the most northern European minaret.



Pecs is Hungary’s second most visited city. It is second only to Budapest. It has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Tourists are a major draw to the city. Particularly those who love to explore historical architectural landmarks.

There are also many other amazing attractions. There are three main attractions: the Mosque Church and Zsolnay Cultural Centre. Most tourists are young backpackers. The city is also home to an exciting nightlife scene.

Buda Castle

Buda Castle

You must see Budapest’s impressive palace of 200 rooms. It offers stunning views of Budapest from the top of the hill. There you will find the Hungarian National Gallery and Budapest History Museum as well as the National Library. Continue your walk around the castle, and continue to the Mathias Church or the Fishermen’s Bastion. You can admire the impressive view from Fishermen’s Bastion and see historic buildings all around the streets.

Book a guided tour for a more intimate experience. We recommend this Buda castle Walking tour with a Historian from GetYourGuide, which has received great reviews.

It’s possible to walk up the castle, although it is quite steep. You can also take the funicular. If you prefer to travel on foot, I recommend walking up to the funicular entry and then going down to the Fishermen’s Bastion. You can grab lunch or a snack at one of the nearby restaurants.



Heviz is home to some of the most beautiful thermal springs in the world. Here you can unwind and soak your legs in hot water. You can adjust the water temperature and you can clean the water on alternate days.

You will want to go on hikes through the forest, take in concerts, or just relax after these therapeutic swims. Because of its spas, this place is always crowded. Heviz can be visited between mid-January and February.



Holloko, a traditional Hungarian village is located 55 miles northeast of Budapest in the valley of the Cserhat Mountains. Holloko is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes 55 restored houses built in the Paloc rural style.

A stunning 12-century castle is part of the protected areas. It stands proudly above the village, despite being partially destroyed. Holloko was awarded the title of ‘Most Beautiful Village’ in Hungary on numerous occasions. It’s easy to see how it is such a memorable part of the country with its beauty, charm, and beautiful mountains.

Aggtelek National Park

This National Park is considered one of the most beautiful in the region. There are stunning views and plenty of natural beauty to see, but the main attraction is the cave system. While you can take a tour, some prefer to explore the caves on their own.

When exploring the cave system between Hungary and Slovakia, it is strongly recommended that you wear a jacket and the right footwear. Although only a few caves are accessible, the majority of them are not in commission, there is still plenty to see and do.


Szekesfehervar can be found in Central Hungary. It was the capital of Hungary during the Middle Ages. It is worth visiting because of its architecture and ambiance.

While there are many interesting buildings in the city you should visit Bory Castle (Boryvar). Jeno Bory (Hungarian architect and sculptor) built this magnificent castle. It was built by Bory himself over 41 years. He also decorated it with artwork he and his wife created.

While Hungary in general is considered one of the easiest countries to visit, you will still have to follow new travel regulations that are going to be enacted in 2023. Click here to get more information.

Final Thoughts on Hungary

These are the top destinations you should visit in Hungary. You can see all of these places if you plan your Hungary itinerary well. I guarantee you will never want to leave after you’ve seen all the beautiful sights. This is why many people travel to Hungary multiple times, just as we did.

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