The 2-day magical journey to Triund

The 2-day magical journey to Triund

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September 8, 2021
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Journey to Triund

Triund trek is a great favorite of many people who look for a quick escape from their work-life on the weekends without taking a long leave. It can be wrapped up in 2 days and you can get back to your daily routine without skipping a beat. The trek will take you through many beautiful forests of oak and rhododendron that will mesmerize you. It’s crucial that you carry adequate water with you for the journey since you won’t be able to find many natural resources to get water from. You would need water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning up.

The trek is popular for its views and short duration among the weekend crowd mainly from the urban cities like Delhi and Chandigarh. You can extend your vacation by a couple of days and go visit the magical town of Mcleodganj. The seat of the holy Dalali Lama is not far from here so go pay the sacred hamlet of Dharamshala a visit.

There is nothing more peaceful and comfortable for city dwellers than to see hills full of lush trees and fresh air! The “crown jewel of Dharamsala”, Triund, is a place of great beauty and peace. The Dauradar Mountains of Himachal Pradesh and the Kangra Valley captivate in all their natural and majestic beauty. Triund is also one of the most popular trekking destinations among Indian youth, attracting thousands of backpackers from all over the country. Hikers will find great treasures in difficult and curved terrain.

A magnificent monastery with a wonderful vibration surrounding them, Buddha statues, wheels, wishing banners, and more vibrant Tibetan culture awaits you. On your way to Triund, you’ll enjoy the most breathtaking views of green mountains, white clouds, and thick forests. Observing the countless bright stars that illuminate the night sky is one of the best activities to do on this hike.

In particular, Triund trekking is also highlighted by its height being over 1,100 meters. It’s not a long way, it’s not difficult. From Gullu Temple to Triund it takes about 3 hours. The intense climbing starts in the last 2 kilometers from the Snowline Café. The cafe can help you feel relaxed on the way to the trip.

Gallu Devi Temple is the starting point of the Triund hiking trail. To get to Gullu Devi Temple, take a taxi from McLeod Ganj or start your hike from there. Many wanderers start their journey from a beautiful waterfall. In addition, to get from the Gullu Devi temple, you have to follow a path through a grove of cedars and oaks. If you have difficulty climbing, you can hire a horse or pony to take the lead. Don’t miss the charming town of Mcleodg ganj, just above Dharamsala and near Dharamcot in the Dharamshala Mountains. A great themed cafe destination, often run by intrepid locals and travel enthusiasts. Take an evening stroll and stop at a charming cafe for a delicious lunch and evening snacks (but taste the homemade cakes).

If you’re opting to take this trip from Delhi, you can opt to start out early. One will pass through Sonipat, Panipat, Ambala, Chandigarh, and Solan. Get excited for the adventures coming up ahead as you make your way through the beautiful cities of India.

Arrived at Dharamsala look for a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Look for a place away from all the crowded places and it would be wonderful to find a place that can accommodate with along with providing dinner.

Visit the Bagsu Devi temple in McLeod Ganj, It’ll be worth it. Don’t be surprised if you find a church around. Go visit it and have a great time!

Post taking a few photos with and being captivated by the tranquil atmosphere of the Dalai Lama temple, go to Jimmy’s Bakery for breakfast try the Taste of India for lunch. Check out the Tibetan market in the evening and shop for friends and family.

The next day at the break of dawn you start the long-awaited hike from the village of Nadi to the Triund. After collecting information from the locals, I went to Durhamcott for the first time, with a distance of 3 km. The ride is very hospitable with views of colorful prayer flags, flowers, mud huts, and alpine trees. Meet some other hikers on your way to singing tunes with and jam to songs with. After introducing yourself, you’ll see how easy it gets to make friends. These friends might even accompany you throughout the trek and become your lifelong friends so be kind! Keep an eye out for goats grazing on an incredibly steep and balanced mountain. Image the amount of danger they go through just to get food. What a bunch of Bravehearts! This experience you’ll never forget.

The trek is relatively easy but will get quiet testing towards the end. The last two kilometers will test your strength to the fullest and you’ll have to put in some solid efforts. These efforts will prove successful when the time comes. The peak will show you some of the greatest views of your life and you’d thank God you decided to come o this trip. You will feel a sense of calm rush over you as you you let the view sink into your eyes. The whole scenery will settle in and you’ll see what it truly means to be one with nature. Don’t be surprised by a little snowfall here and there to greet you along the way. The best view out of everything will definitely be the night sky glowing on top of you like a billion lamps illuminating the heavens above.

The best time to climb Mount Triund is from March to May. However, the months from September to December are perfect for traveling. Although it continues to rain in June and July, monsoon enthusiasts can still embark on a thrilling journey.

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