Samsung 98-Inch QN100B Neo QLED TV: A Gargantuan Marvel or Luxury Overload?

Samsung 98-Inch QN100B Neo QLED TV: A Gargantuan Marvel or Luxury Overload?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In TV, Published On
December 8, 2023

Often in the world of television screens, it is considered that big-size is a synonym for greatness and the QN100B Neo QLED TV from Samsung could well be used by any enthusiast looking into the question “What is considered a big TV screen?”. This boasts an incredible 98-inch LED panel that promises a visual extravaganza; both mind-blowing and too big for comfort. It is however hard to ignore the awe accompanying this TV’s grandeur because of its equally expensive price tag which wealthy individuals will have second thoughts about spending it, though.

Specifications for Samsung 98-Inch QN100B Neo QLED TV

Specifications Details
Panel Type LED
Screen Size 98 inches
Resolution 3,840 by 2,160
Video Inputs HDMI, RF, USB
HDMI Ports 4
Streaming Services Yes
Screen Brightness 1782 nits
Black Level
Contrast Ratio Infinite
Refresh Rate 120 Hz
Input Lag (Game Mode) 2.2 ms
AMD FreeSync FreeSync Premium Pro
Nvidia G-Sync None

Stellar Display

Samsung 98-Inch QN100B Neo QLED TV

The QN100B with the gigantic 98-inch LED screen delivers an amazing view that offers super-high resolution at 3,840 x 2,160 and a surround-like picture viewing experience. At 1782 nits, such brightness creates a painting canvas that depicts bright, mesmerizing colors alongside immaculate shadowy depths for the viewers to swim amidst the movie action itself. Every detail in each scene comes alive with extraordinary realism because of the TV’s infinite contrast ratio.

Gaming Prowess

The QN100B is all that gaming enthusiasts can desire. This TV offers a low input lag of 2.2 ms in Game mode and even has the support of FreeSync Premium Pro which provides very smooth and responsive gameplay. Moreover, the increased 120Hz refreshing rate provides greater gaming fluidity and hence is a perfect selection for players who desire glitch-free gameplay with a competitive advantage.

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Connectivity Hub

Samsung 98-Inch QN100B Neo QLED TV

Connectivity capability is at the core of this product and it is supported by a OneConnect box with numerous ports including USB, HDMI, Ethernet, wireless, RF, etc. This is a streamlined hub, with four HDMI ports (one eARC), three USB ports, and other features, including Ethernet and optical audio output, amongst others. The unit’s detachable design allows for flexible placement and reduces cable clutter ensuring easy setup that blends well into different entertainment systems.

Solar Remote

The design of the Eco remote from Samsung is quite impressive considering that it has solar charging capabilities. It stands out as a notable downside to this convenience offered by having the option of direct recharging and specific service buttons for widely known streaming services. However, leaving this out requires them to move to their home for changing inputs which somehow reduces user experience a bit.

Quantum Processor 8K

Samsung 98-Inch QN100B Neo QLED TV

The mighty QP8K will power the QN100B and deliver the best-optimized content no matter its source. The sophisticated processor employs AI-driven upscaling to boost non-8k content to almost 8k quality to generate outstanding definition and resolution. With its machine learning feature it continuously improves picture quality and ensures great image playback throughout

different resolutions.

Ambient Mode+

Samsung 98-Inch QN100B Neo QLED TV

The QN100B incorporates the Ambient Mode+ technology, making it virtually blend with its surrounding elements when it’s off. This feature helps in disguising the TV as a work of art by either making the TV mimic the wall behind it, or displaying attractive images and/or personal pictures that will make it blend perfectly with the current interior décor in any given room. It also provides important information such as weather reports and news titles, making sitting in front of a switched-on TV enjoyable even during the quiet phases.

Pros and Cons of Samsung 98-Inch QN100B Neo QLED TV

Pros Cons
Bright, vibrant display with perfect blacks Frustrating interface elements
Exceptional gaming performance Massive 98-inch screen
Immersive viewing experience Exorbitantly expensive
Cutting-edge technology Not suitable for all users
Stunning picture quality Limited compatibility

Verdict for Samsung 98-Inch QN100B Neo QLED TV

I bet there is no better example of picture performance and gaming than the Samsung QN100B Neo Qled TV. The display, together with excellent gaming features, make it a very hard competitor among computers to beat. Nevertheless, it sells at exorbitant costs of $39,999.99 for those who can afford it.

Should you buy a Samsung 98-inch QN100B Neo QLED TV?

Money is not a barrier when purchasing the best home entertainment and the QN100B is your unsurpassed option. With its huge size, bright show, and gameplay, it is an impressive focal point for any home theater system. Nevertheless, for the costly and those wanting an appearance may be too high against its outlook.


  1. Does it justify the hefty price tag?

They have the best visual immersion one can get from a TV and gaming capabilities. It is worth considering if your budget can afford quality entertainment.

  1. Does the TV allow for a wall mount?

There is a provision for wall mounting of the TV, allowing location flexibility. Nevertheless, the OneConnect box should remain nearby.

  1. Does it have access to major streaming providers?

It includes such platforms as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Samsung TV Plus.

  1. Does this TV have a Dolby Vision?

But there is a big disappointment – the model does not with the new standard of Dolby Vision HDR. That said, there is HDR-10 included in the set, but still provides users with an excellent level of viewing high dynamic range.

  1. How much does the TV weigh?

Approximately, these dimensions of the TV without the stand include [provide the dimensions]. For the TV, its approximate weight is [specify the weight] hence the need for appropriate support during setup.


The Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV is indeed a super-sized giant of the world’s home entertainment sector combining unprecedented picture beauty with state-of-the-art gaming features. While it could be very costly (stratosphere), only the richest individuals and avid fans of the highest quality of domestic entertainment can count on buying the device.

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