Exclusive Tips to Keep Electronic Gadgets Clean

Exclusive Tips to Keep Electronic Gadgets Clean

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October 1, 2021

As the whole world is suffering terribly from Corona virus, Everyone around the world now has to be concerned about staying healthy and germ-free. We have to be careful about our gadgets’ cleanliness as germs can be there too. We are using hand sanitizer after being touched by someone or after touching any object. But somehow we are not being concerned about the objects we use on a daily basis. Though it is more important for us to clean those gadgets because we use them daily, we get in touch with them daily. And it can be harmful to us to not clean those gadgets.

Our microwave oven, Air Conditioner, cellphones, headphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, iPads are the things we do use regularly. But when it comes to the matter of taking care, these are the things we do take care of occasionally or so-so. We do not even consider it as a hygienic matter. We all are aware of washing our hands with soap and water or sanitizing our hands with hand sanitizer but what about our gadgets?

Exclusive Tips to Keep Electronic Gadgets Clean

  • Microwave Oven:

A microwave oven is the best companion for every homemaker. With the help of a microwave oven the kitchen-hassle decreases. Nowadays, a microwave oven can be seen in most of the houses of our society. But because of regular use, the microwave oven may get dirty by oil, food splashes, or something else. For this, the efficiency of the microwave oven may be reduced. If you can notice any type of problem with your microwave oven then do think of microwave oven Repair servicing and call a professional. And if there is no problem with it then do clean it on your own with very easy hacks. To clean the microwave oven you will need water and vinegar, or water and lemon, or water and baking soda. Pour any of these of combined water in a heatproof bowl and heat the mixture for three to five minutes and after that let it be cool for sometime after that clean inside and outside of your microwave oven with this mixture. This is how you will get your clean microwave oven back without rubbing and scrubbing.

  • Cellphone:

Cellphone is the thing that we use mostly on a daily basis. In our hands, we always carry our cellphones. It is a cellphone that is being carried by us when we are moving around. We sanitize ourselves before coming home but forget to do the same thing with our cell phone. But this negligence can affect your health. Here are some pro tips to follow if you want to avoid being ill from germs on your cell phone. Make sure to sanitize your phone daily with a clean tissue or a clean dry cloth for removing fingerprints and any type of bacteria, germs, and viruses. You also can use a wet flax-free cloth to clean your device. And one thing we have to remember is that do not use any harsh chemicals or bleach as it will lead to damage to your cell phone. Use cotton buds to clean the ports and do not forget to clean your phone case. And before putting back your phone to your phone cover, do check if it is totally dry or not. If not then let it be dry and then put it back.

  • Headphone:

In such a way, we use our cell phone in that way we use our headphones too. We watch movies or play games wearing headphones, we go to the market wearing our headphones and listening to songs or talking to someone. We come back home, sanitize our hands and also the commodities we have brought but not the headphone. In this way, the headphone gets dirty day by day and germs can accumulate there. To avoid this situation, clean your headphones daily. Diluted bleach or alcohol ( 63% ) is perfect for cleaning headphones. But try not to soak the cotton ball, since alcohol is no friend to leather and plastic. Just use enough for cleaning. Remember your headphones do not need a shower. Though you can easily get rid of these issues by using wireless headphones.

  • Tablet:

There are numerous people, who use tablets instead of a cell phone. For them, the tablet is a very important gadget that they use on a daily basis. But in the same way, they do not think of caring and cleaning. They do not consider the tablet as a courier of viruses. But this is not the right thought. A tablet needs proper sensitization and cleaning like any other gadget. To clean the tablet use a clean tissue and sanitizer. But do not use any type of hard chemical or bleach as that can ruin the entire look of your tablet and can affect your tablet from inside. However, cleaning your tablet delicately is the perfect way to save it from damage.

  • Laptop:

Laptop is a very essential gadget which we do use on a daily basis. If you are into a job or any type of business, the need for a laptop is the most important to you. And for that need, the laptop is being used by us regularly, hour after hour. But after so much, in any way, we do not think of cleaning the laptop’s cleaning. But it is way too necessary to clean your laptop as this is the gadget that always stays with you. To clean your laptop you must use a clean microfiber cloth because a towel may leave dust on the surface of the laptop. And use an isopropyl alcohol solution, or soap water solution and gently wipe down the laptop’s case.

  • Camera:

Though in our daily life a camera is not a regular thing and we do not use it often but we use it occasionally. But when we use it or after using it we forget to clean it. For that dust, dirt, germs can be accumulated there. So, to avoid this situation, just like your cellphone, laptop, tablet, clean your camera with a microfiber cloth and sanitizer. Do not rub roughly so that it does not damage.

As the situation is getting worse day by day for the deadly disease corona virus, cleanliness is the prime key to be fit and fine. So focus on cleanliness and try to follow these simple tips to stay healthy.

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