IcyBreeze: A portal cooler and Air conditioner in an amazing color

IcyBreeze: A portal cooler and Air conditioner in an amazing color

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December 20, 2023

​In the start, you must have experienced the misting fans which give off cool air along with a sprinkle of water. In the hot weather, you always want an icy cold drink along with ice to refresh your soul. The Icybreeze is a two-in-one and comes with a cooler that is not only portable but also works as an air conditioner. It is not only a great product, but also a refrigerator that cools your drinks at an amazing rate.

Clint Donaldson, manufacturer of IcyBreeze came up with the idea of a portable conditioner when he was watching a baseball match. The IceBreeze air conditioner has a 9-gallon capacity which can hold up to 49 cans. You just put two quarts of water into the lid, and this will generate the chilling effect in the air which will flow through the vents on top. The air coming out can blow up at the speed of 25mph. With a different battery adjustment on three levels, the IceBreeze air cooler comes with a different battery life.

Specifications of IcyBreeze Air cooler and conditioner


Specifications  Details 
Manufacturer IcyBreeze
Price $329.99
Weight 38-quart
Color Blue
Material Rugged Polyethylene Construction
Grip size Array
Dimension (L x W x H) 17 x 19 x 25
Dry weight 21 pounds
Battery 10W
Battery charger 110V
Charge time 5 hours
Temperature change 35-degree cooler than the surroundings
Hose 2.5-inch wide/ 18-inch length
Warranty One year

What’s inside the box of IcyBreeze Air cooler and conditioner?

The IcyBreeze creates cool air with the help of water. It comes in a box which contains

  • Multiple power source options like the 110V wall charger.
  • 110V continuous transformers that supply power.
  • A 12V car power supply cord.

Along with that if you are wondering about what is inside the air conditioner then it contains

  • An evaporator coils
  • Refrigerant

They both work together to cool the air.

Design and built quality of IcyBreeze Air cooler and conditioner


The innovative idea of IcyBreeze has made them one of the first brands to ever make a portable air conditioner and cooler. For many people, it may look like an average cooler that has a classic appeal. It has a plastic exterior and is available in three colors which are blue, green, and red. The IcyBreeze consists of a gray lid, handle, and a pair of black wheels. The plastic doesn’t make it look rough and it gives a premium look. On the top of the lid, two cups are in an indented position.

A three-stop wheel also controls the fan speed. Along with that, some ports can connect the power adapter to the port and are used by the corded remote as well. There are flexible hoses and vent systems as well.

The IcyBreeze Air cooler and conditioner has a midsize approximately 38 quartz. The dimensions are 18.5 by 23.5 by 16.25 inches while the interior has measurements of 11 by 11.25 by 18.5 inches. The cooler can hold approximately 30 pounds of ice or 49 cans in total. It is a bit heavy in size because of the weight of all the parts which is approximately 21 pounds. There is a pull-out handle that allows you to drag the conditioner around easily.

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Battery performance of IcyBreeze Air cooler and conditioner

The IcyBreeze Air cooler and conditioner comes with a 12V, 10mAh battery which has a lot of 110V battery chargers. The battery is built-in which almost takes up to 5 hours to fully charge.  IcyBreeze’s fan has three settings to make the battery last long and to provide you with different cooling temperatures. The battery lasts six hours on the low setting, four hours on a medium setting, and two and a half hours on the high setting.

When you are not using it, then the battery lasts for about 30-60 days. The light on the charger will signal you with a green light talking about the full battery charge. There is also an option of using walls and car power supplies, which means you can charge your car. They are a bit pricey though you can buy them as a bundle that comes with the cooler. All in all, it offers a pretty good battery life.

Performance of IcyBreeze Air cooler and conditioner


If you are wondering how the IcyBreeze works, then the answer is quite simple. You just need to fill the cooler with two quartz of tap water. It can be preferable if the water is cold. You don’t need to measure the water quantity because there is a minimum water line that indicates how much you need to add and what should be the required amount. After that, you can place your required food, beverages, and ice in the container to your preference.

Once you have the power, water, and ice, then you are all set to begin cooling. You need to change the switch on top of the cooler to any fan speed of your choice. Chilled water will circulate through the radiators, and this will also chill the air in the process. The air will come out through the hose and go on top of the cooler. It takes 20 seconds for the process to chill the air and come out from the hose. It can get 35 degrees cooler than the outside temperature of the surroundings. If you are sitting next to the hose, then you will feel the cool icy air coming out from the IcyBreeze.

There is a side vent that blows the air on the sides for the people sitting on the sides.  If you are standing, then you can adjust the hose to your preferred location. It can be an accordion-style air hose that you can point in the direction of your choice, and it gives a perfect cool breeze. The hose is about 18 inches long and it is a flexible hose which may allow you to bend it and move forward in your direction. Two things that may seem quite conflicting, which is the idea that firstly, this product is quite loud, which means that if you set the fan speed too high, then it means you are going to hear a loud sound all the time which may be quite irritating. Also, you can only cool one person with a 2.5-inch tube at a single time.

Pros and Cons of IcyBreeze Air cooler and conditioner


Pros  Cons
Cools air up to 35-degree than the surrounding environment Expensive
Built-in rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about power usage Does not have a large storage area for food
Contains a large capacity for interior parts Unbearable voice at high speed
Sleek design and a sturdy built

Should you buy the product?

Yes, you should buy the product if you are looking for a pricy conditioner that does the work. Also, this works as a cooler which gives it an upper hand and a good sleek design along with a good rechargeable battery.

Final thoughts regarding the IcyBreeze Air cooler and conditioner

IcyBreeze is one of the best two-in-one duos which is a cooler and a conditioner that allows your beverages to keep cold and provides you with an amazing experience. It is one of the first buildings of its kind. It contains two wheels and a handle for transport because of the heavy weight which is a good feature. Also, the different color options and rechargeable battery can make your trips happen without any worries, so if you are looking for a cooler then you should try this because this not only cools your food but also gives you a perfect icy breeze in hot weather.


Q: Does the IcyBreeze cooler cool the items perfectly?

Yes, the cooling system is top-notch, and it starts cooling the beverages and any other food placed in the compartment quite readily and this gives it a good review.

Q: Is the voice of IcyBreeze’s fan loud?

Yes, at high speed you can feel that you are in your room and the old Window AC is working because the voice of the fan running is quite loud which makes the user somewhat irritated.

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