Things You Should Know Before Buying Moldavite Jewelry

Things You Should Know Before Buying Moldavite Jewelry

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March 15, 2022

Introduction To The Moldavite

The mysterious gemstone Moldavite comes exclusively from the Czech Republic, as it is the only source of getting these crystals. Many legends wear this crystal because they believe that these glass pieces are the meteorite, comets, or moonbeams that have fallen to Earth. The Moldavite jewelry is unique and different from other gems because of its unusual origin, and it does not have any fixed crystalline structure. Therefore, no two moldavites can be the same ever; each and every stone is a true original.

These extraordinary gemstones are genuinely one-of-a-kind beauty, as these stones will make the viewer shine like a bright star across the night sky. It is a perfect gem that should be added to your collection. You can find the gemstone in sleek white gold and warm yellow gold. Let us understand more about this gemstone in detail.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Moldavite Jewelry

Moldavite Jewelry

Moldavite Feature’s

Moldavite crystal is fused silica with varying deposits of aluminum or potassium, minor warranties, and nearly no water content. They are clear or the transparent green, black-green, or brown-green hues tektites. They have a lot of variations in them as they are born from the celestial collision with our Earth. The shapes in which they are found are rare, like spheroidal, ellipsoidal, egg-shaped, or flattened shapes with textures full of diverse striations, excavations, barbs, and spots. They rate between 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale hardness with the white bubbles and glassy luster.

History Of This Stone

Professor Josef Mayer introduced this stone to the public in the year 1787 officially. At that time, the gravel was utilized for constructing the elementary instrument for processing food and leather and producing weapons. Although, the origin of the moldavite stone remains a mystery until the scientist Franz Eduard Suess identified them as tektites, which means they were the shards of the natural glass formed from the debris of meteoroid impacts.

Benefits Of Wearing The Moldavite

Moldavite has excellent value in our life, as it is known for bringing good luck and helping complete our dreams. It is known as the holy grail stone, as it has the ability to change the life of the person who uses it. In addition, some considered it the best stone for psychic protection because it will protect the wearer from evil energies. Moldavite stimulates fulfillment and aids in memory retention, protecting mental degeneration.

Problems like asthma and other respiratory tract disorders, allergies, or hives caused by everyday chemicals or pollution can be reduced by wearing the Moldavite ring on a regular basis. It even helps improve the vision as it has a connection with the eye chakra.

Moldavite has an association with the moon’s energies which helps bring the love energies and helps the individual meet their soulmates. Moreover, it builds trust and confidence between married couples. As it doesn’t have a connection with any Zodiac sign, it can be a wonderful gift to the soulmate for impressing them.

Styling The Moldavite With Other Crystals

Real Moldavite, the green crystals look absolutely gorgeous with the pink floral dress, especially when set into the yellow gold metal.

It can also be worn on casual jeans and a top with dark lip color and high heels. It changes the personality of the wearer, enhancing their aura and making them more confident and bold. Citrine jewelry can also be paired with the Moldavite, as they both will create an elegant look for the wearer.

Caring Tips For Moldavite

One needs to be careful while wearing the moldavite jewelry as it has to be kept protected from the hard substance, which can cause cracks and fractures. Moreover, while doing the household chores, like washing the dishes or the clothes, one has to take off their jewelry to safeguard it from damages and color change.

Furthermore, always wash the jewelry after wearing it with mild water and wipe it with a soft cloth. Once a month, it should be cleaned using mild soap and water to regain its beauty. Never use any kind of ultrasonic cleaner and steamer, as they can cause harm to your gemstone.

Where To Buy It From?

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Not only just the moldavite, but they render more than 150 gemstones. Some of them are the Turquoise, Larimar, Opal, Moonstone, and many more. You can find the best designs that the beholder would love at first glance, and you can, of course, clear your stock the fastest. Check out the website, order your collection and get them within 10-12 business working days all over the globe.

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