Best Trekking Destinations In India

Best Trekking Destinations In India

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August 19, 2021

Trekking is one of the best choices among all adventurous sports in India. Trekking benefits you in many ways such as physical fitness, nature connections, best vacation experience, etc. Uttarakhand is abundant in every aspect. Treks in India are vast and countless. Among all, here are the top 5 treks in Uttarakhand. They are Dayara Bugyal Trek, Hampta Pass Trek,Valley of flowers trek, Kedarkantha trek,Har ki Doon.Treks are bestowed whole to attract trekkers all over the world. Their unique features are showering mesmerized fragrance-like mood and pleasant environment all around there. Treks are nestled with stunning flowable streams, the river flows, lush green meadows all path over, pine and oak plantations, etc will attract you in various ways. You are surely guaranteed to experience all modes of fun and exciting activities throughout the trekking.

Best Trekking Destinations In India

  • Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek-Heaven at The Earth

We can have a look over the valley Kullu which is settled on one side of Hampta pass nestled with forests, grasslands, and flowers blossoming. At the peak region of Hampta pass, we can glance over two beautiful worlds. Within a couple of minutes, we can glance at two beautiful worlds simultaneously. For hikers, it is somehow fearful to narrate. The Hampta pass trek has the level of difficulty as easy to moderate in which the beginners can choose it as a perfect one. Hampta pass requires 5 days of trekking completely.

  • Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is a well-known winter trek in India. This is one of the special treks which is accessible even during winters. A perfect trekking spot for beginners to experience the best trekking to improve their trekking skills. Also a recommendable gateway especially for trekking. Your Trekking trip will introduce you to snowy capped ranges, mountains, vast flora, and fauna species.

Kedarkantha trek is overwhelmed with lush green meadows, Himalayan ranges, picturesque views, breathtaking landscapes, panoramic beauties, etc. Everything like these things will throw you into a heavenly world.

  • Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek is pinned in Uttarakhand. It is standing at an elevation of 11,827 ft. The best time to do Bugyal Trek is from September to June. It is offering a difficulty level of easy to moderate. It consumes the overall trekking period of 6 days. The entire trek is capped by snow during winters. Dayara Bugyal Trek is bagging the elements of beautiful forests, campsites, historical villages with heartwarming locals, etc.

  • Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of flowers trek is the best trekking choice to ahead a plan to trek. Valley of flowers trek is pinned in Uttarakhand. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and takes care of by the government. The beauties offered here are simply picturesque, picture-perfect and stunning scenic beauties. As history says, it is also a Sikh pilgrimage heritage site which is having Hemkund Sahib. The trek is distanced around 55 km and bagging an altitude of 3658 m. Especially during monsoons, you’ll be stunned by the beauty of the trek which is covered by various colorful flowers. Your eyes won’t feel getting away in front of this beauty. From Govindghat, trekking would be ideal for all-generation trekkers. And you are surely guaranteed that you must admire the stunning beauty of mother nature and feel blessed to have all those. It is offering a difficulty level as Easy to Moderate. The best time to visit the valley of flowers trek is in between the period from July to Mid- September.

  • Har ki Doon Trek

Har ki Doon Trek

The Har Ki Doon Valley trek is pinned in Uttarakhand. It is bagging a maximum elevation of 11,675 feet. It has a cradle-shaped hanging valley. This is one of the best choosable treks to experience real trekking enjoyments, especially during summers. The valley stands for its beauty and adventures. It is also bagging the history that Pandavas executed all the routes over here and made their way to reach heaven. The 47 km trek requires a trial period of 7 days. Orchids and rhododendrons bloom and the meadows are showering their beauty all over the trekking route. The trail ends at the Har Ki Doon Valley trek and later moves to the Sankri spot.

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